Letter to my people- Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

A poor magistrate was arrested for allegedly getting a microwave, among other inducements from a suspect.

My Dear People

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) was very busy last week arresting magistrates, court officials and lawyers for alleged crime ranging from corruption to witchcraft.

A poor magistrate was arrested for allegedly getting a microwave, among other inducements from a suspect.

However, the most bizzare case handled by Zacc was that of a lawyer who was arrested for allegedly obstructing the course of justice after engaging a traditional healer.

Zacc said the lawyer identified as Linda Kovi engaged one Chief Dotito to harm a “witness, Zacc officers and court officials handling her case of fraud, which is before the courts.”

If anyone of you have been wondering why Zacc has been folding its hands while people like Wicknell Chivayo flaunt their unexplained wealth you now have yours answers.

Zacc has never been serious about combating corruption and it only goes after the small fish.


The dramatic events of Friday when Ngwena had to abandon a trip to Victoria Falls mid air once again demonstrated that a military coup is bad for any country.

Over six years after military putsch that ousted Gushungo and installed the Lacoste cabal leader, the new rulers have not known peace.

They don’t trust each other and they press the panic buttons at the slightest sign of a threat.

There are many questions that remain unanswered, which arise from that incident, but for now I will give those that have been assigned to investigate John Doe’s email the space to do their work.

I was reminded of the White City bombing and that the mystery around who was behind the attack is still to be solved six years later. 

Such a background tells me that we may never know whether John Doe’s email is authentic or not.

What cannot be hidden, however, is that Ngwena’s selfish bid to run for a third term in office has raised dust in Zanu PF.

There are some who feel that the Lacoste leader has torn asunder all the pacts they made when they seized power from Gushungo and the fissures are widening every day.

Ngwena has also become very irritable as shown in the viral video where he is heard admonishing people for playing a “bad” recording of the national anthem.

It’s becoming very hot in the kitchen and someone will soon realise that backstabbing Gushungo was not a wise move.

 My moles in the ruining party tell me that we should buckle ourselves for more drama in the coming months.kikikikiki

Zimbabwe is facing an unprecedented drought this year and the so-called second repubric does not seem prepared for the impending disaster.

Government officials continue making empty statements claiming that no one will starve.

Thousands of people are already going to bed without any meal and it is high time the governments start taking these issues serious by spelling out specific initiatives to avert famine.

In neighbouring Zambia, HH has already declared the drought situation a state of disaster in order to help mobilise resources for meaningful interventions.

Here the Lacoste cabal is reluctant to declare Bulawayo water shortages a state of disaster despite repeated calls by Coltart to do so.

Declaring the water situation a state of disaster will help the city to mobilise resources for short to medium term interventions.

The city’s supply dams have had very insignificant inflows this year and with the high temperatures it is likely that the little water they are holding will be depleted before the next rainy season.

It will be very unstrategic for the government to wait until the situation has deteriorated before it works.

Leaders of Zimbabwe’s opposition in their various formations must hang their heads in shame following the ugly scenes at the burial of Moreblessing Ali in Harare yesterday.

The slain CCC activist was being buried over a year after she was callously murdered in what is suspected to have been a politically-motivated crime.

Instead of demonstrating that they are different from Zanu PF, members of rival CCC camps loyal to Nero and Job respectively engaged in despicable behaviour.

They pummeled each other in front of the bereaved family. It is time for Nero and Job to show leadership by calling their supporters to order.

The two must denounce violence and promote coexistence.  Munopengaaaaa

Last week, there was a story that thrust Dougie into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

We were told that his former mistress had gone to court seeking maintenance for their nine-year-old child that he is neglecting.

How does Dougie expect to look after 16 million citizens when he cannot look after his own blood?

The story was poor advertisement of his leadership credentials. Those who aspire to lead us must demonstrate that they have the right morals.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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