Letter to my people: Zanu PF: A case of the pot calling the kettle black

The country is experiencing power outages of up to 18 hours daily

My Dear People

The plans by the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion to take over the running of city councils, which are mostly controlled by the opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC), would be comical if the implications of such a move were not so grim.

In its obsession to be in control, the Ngwena-led regime wants to use the current cholera outbreak as the platform to kick out the opposition from local   councils which it claims has failed dismally.

 The glaring irony of this claim by the Lacoste cabal is impossible to miss.

 It is ridiculous that Scarfmore and company want to take full control of city councils when the performance of the various sectors currently under its purview such as health and education are in the doldrums as a result of its catastrophic incompetence.

That Ngwena’s cabal wants to take over the running of local authorities when it has turned public hospitals into death traps, without even the most  basic medicines beggars belief.

 It is mind boggling that the cabal thinks it can successfully take over the running of city councils when it has time and again, plunged the nation into darkness with power outages of up to 18 hours daily.

That the Ngwena-led cabal thinks it can successfully take over the running of city councils from the opposition when has failed even to stop the leaking of Ordinary and Advanced Level examination papers, exposes delusion in the corridors of power.

 In any case, the local councils are operating in an economic crisis brought about by the useless coup cabal.  An economy characterised by foreign currency shortages, currency volatility and high inflation which the regime tries to manipulate figures  in a futile attempt to give a picture of  its decline.

Ngwena’s regime is better advised to look at the log in its own eye before trying to move the speck from others.


The annual anti-sanctions commemorations  by Scarfmore’s regime  against the imposition of sanctions by the United States in 2001 for human rights abuses were held last Wednesday. It is  remarkable how the march has been reduced in stature.

On such a day, thousands of people are frog marched into buses to attend commemorations at the 60 000 seater National Sports Stadium headlined by a speech by Ngwena who would rant and  rave  about the evil of these restrictions.

This year, however, the commemorations were whittled down to a few dozen individuals, mainly civil servants who were most probably forced to attend,  huddled in a corner of the much smaller Africa Unity Square park to listen to Generari mouth off on the deleterious impact of sanctions.

 He told the gathering that sanctions have cost the nation a whopping US$150 billion.

However, in  the same week Generari was decrying the impact of sanctions, the acting auditor-general Rheah Kujinga revealed in her  report the horrendous levels of weak oversight over internal controls in government ministries  as evidenced by unsupported expenditure, non-alignment of accounting policies and processes with reporting framework, non-acquittal of travel and subsistence allowances, inadequate controls on fuel management, non-performance of bank reconciliations and non-compliance with tax laws and regulations.

She also noted 20 issues related to procurement of goods and services and most of the issues relates to non-delivery of goods paid for among other instances of malfeasance which has undoubtedly drained the fiscus of millions of dollars. This report, like others before it, is likely to gather dust in some shelf ignored by Scarfmore’s cabal .

It  is, however, these revelations by Kujinga that provide a synopsis of the obscene levels of corruption within the coup regime the major cause of the country’s ills and not the sanctions  it barks about day and night.

What I, the good doctor, found most disconcerting  though was the revelations by  Kujinga that even the country’s watchdog, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is not spared from these acutely embarrassing levels of misgovernance.

The commission failed to explain to the Auditor General how it spent more than US$21 000 in public funds with no invoices or supplier documents justifying these payments.

The commission, which Ngwena told us would be effective in curbing corruption, was exposed for forking out   US$345 918 for the purchase of 10 vehicles, but only were five delivered.

Only in a regime led by the probity deficient Ngwena do you find a situation whereby the woman who was at the helm at this scandal ridden commission, Loice Matanda Moyo, being promoted to prosecutor general.

 I knew that this coup regime would be a disaster but even I, underestimated the calamitous levels this lot can plumb to.

The circus continues with  self-proclaimed CCC secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu  writing to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that only he and two cohorts would sign off on who  in the party would contest in next month's by election prompted by his recall of 15 CCC members of parliament and 17 councillors.

CCC leader  Nero has rightly pointed that out he would not negotiate with this clown who is just a puppet,but the puppeteer which is the Ngwena cabal.

 Despite the outrageous injustice against his party, Nero should get his house in order.

No serious party, especially one looking to govern the country can operate without a constitution, something which even burial societies have.

The lack of a constitution to  guide the party means that there are no clear guidelines on who is doing what , where and how.

The last thing Nero needs is to be accused of dictatorial tendencies for failing to adhere to basic leadership traits.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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