Letter to my people: Zec’s shameless August 23 charade

This Chigumba-run electoral body is easily the worst the country has ever had and would have pride of place in any banana republic worldwide.

My Dear People

The scandal in which the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is struggling to gain access to the voters’ roll with up to date information from the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (Zec) is turning the elections, to be held on Wednesday, into a major farce.

It is yet another major stain on this dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion whose five-year tenure has been nothing short of disastrous.

It is probably no surprise that this electoral body is woefully incompetent given that it is characterised by the shameful nepotism as evidenced by the appointment of Zanu PF vice president Kembo's daughter as one of the commissioners.

 This electoral body led by Chigumba will be forever remembered for all the wrong reasons, which include the shortchanging of Gift Konjana who in 2018 beat Dexter Nduna in the Chegutu West constituency under an MDC Alliance ticket, but was pronounced the loser by the bungling Zec. 

That the courts have deemed the CCC application to get the correct version of the voters roll from the electoral body not urgent, with elections on Wednesday, beggars belief.

It only solidifies the widely held belief the judiciary is hopelessly compromised despite protestations by the Chief Justice Luke Malaba.

This Chigumba-run electoral body is easily the worst the country has ever had and would have pride of place in any banana republic worldwide.

As former Finance minister and senior CCC party official Biti put it: “The omissions and commissions around this election makes it one of the biggest electoral charades since independence.

“A shameless prepaid abuse of the right to vote.’’

Even I, the good doctor, could not have put it any better.

The country’s police force has not been spared from the madness of a desperate regime looking for another five-year term to loot and further entrench poverty among the country’s citizens with its scorched earth policies.

Police officers have revealed that they are being forced to vote under the watchful eye of their superiors to ensure that their votes do not stray into the territory of CCC leader Nero. Munopenga!!!

 The revelations came after the recent utterances by the Lacoste leader at a police function where he was officiating at which he pointed out that he did not like how police officers voted.

These are the actions of a cabal that knows that beyond being hoisted into power on the back of guns and tanks, they have offered nothing of substance during their tenure.

Instead, the cabal has piled misery on the populace with a worthless currency, increased unemployment and daily power outages which lasted 18 hours, among other dismal failures.

The way the police force has come down heavily on an officer who attended a CCC rally addressed by Nero reflects the fear pervading the rank and file of the Ngwena cabal despite its claims of being confident of victory at the polls this week.

 As the poor police officer is punished for attending a rally, we have a whole Tourism deputy minister who still struts around like a peacock despite having the temerity of calling a police officer a dog for simply carrying out his duties.

Such is the disgraceful nature of the second repubric.

Ngwena’s desperation for validation has reached comical levels.

Not content with naming several roads countrywide after him and roping in a convicted rapist, Bobby Makaza as part of his presidential campaign after he had called him sweet as honey, the Lacoste leader is now creating a hall of fame which will be established in the new city of Mt Hampden.

 The octogenarian leader has awarded himself a title, which is nothing more than high sounding piffle, called the Grand Master of the Order of Merit.

In the spirit of nepotism that runs deep in this regime of incompetence, he has awarded the Angel of Hope run by  his wife aka page 2 girl, the Jairos Jiri Humanitarian Award.

I guess the need for self-praise is understandable when you consider that his regime has been condemned globally for human rights abuses.

The Lacoste cabal has become more of an outcast joining the league of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, who is slaughtering Ukrainians for fun.

The Russian dictator unsurprisingly enjoys the unstinting support of Ngwena’s regime.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

 In a classic case of irony, Ngwena in his Heroes Day speech castigated western countries  whom he described aas vultures circling the country’s riches.

Such bombast is made to look silly when one peruses through the mid-term budget presented by Mthuli, which revealed that these western countries, who are part of the country’s development partners, contribute to funding 60% of the costs of the health sector, among other vital contributions.

It was only recently when the state media was gushing about his wife aka Page 2 girl’s “sisterly affair” with United States first lady Jill Biden at a meeting of first ladies she attended in New York.

To this duplicity I say, Stop it Ngwena!


 Stop It!

 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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