Russia-Ukraine war is an eye opener

Rishi Sunak

The war between Russia and Ukraine is indeed an-eye-opener in so many respects.

The western world is not honest in its dealings with the world.

They have shown us that their machinations will one day open.

For a long time, the world has been made to believe that the only people who matter are from the West. 

What the United States and Britain have managed to do is to fool the world that they are ones that matter.

Russia has done well in fighting Ukraine so that we know who is who in this world? Russia is defending its own area of influence and the West does not give it the chance.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been an-eye-opener to the world to see who is destabilising this world.

For a long time, the world has been led by Britain and United States of America to dominate the affairs of this world.

We have accepted that, that is the reality. They have bullied all nations showing their power and going around the world intimidating everyone who raises his/heard.

The world does not belong to Americans or the British. For a long time, they have behaved like its ordained on them to dominate.

The Nato alliance is not being fare. They have taken States/countries that have come from Russia, and they think Russia should just stand by as its former colonies taken on the opposite side.

If the Nato West had left Russia alone in this war, it could have been over. The West continues to fuel this stupid war.

There was no need to prolong this war between Russia and its former ally. Russia has its bad side but that should not be, obscured by the West’s involvement.

Look at what happened with the former British colonies. They came together to form Commonwealth Heads of Governments (CHOGM), this animal of former colonies to safeguard their interests.

No one came in between the British and its former colonies.

We take this as a natural development of this friendship group who are now enjoying a form of a union they have created. Russia could have done the same with its former colonies.

This war has opened our minds to know that there are other powers that matter. It has taught us that there, centres of power across the world.

This unipolar world has no place in this world. We were all created all equal and we should go about the world freely. There is no one who should be the policeman/woman of the world. We are all our brothers’ keeper.

No one wants war but Russia was entangled into this war by the West. In fact, one can say the war was started by the West.

Agreements which were made, we are told, were not honoured.

Mind you, the world does not forget that when colonialism started Britain which was the major coloniser impressed upon its subjects that there was an evil world known as the East and nothing comes from there.

I travelled to Russia in 1986 and had an experience of its own kind.

I bought many books which I never read. It was only the Russia-Ukraine war which made me look at the books. From reading the books I found out that Russia is a world of its own. It has developed from long ago.

I made a memorable train journey between Leningrad and Moscow, and I made many friends.

For two weeks I enjoyed my stay in Russia.

I ate their delicacies there and attended some of their theatres.

Looking at the literature that I brought home I now realise that Russia developed from some time ago.  Thank God Russia came to the aid of so many countries that were under colonialism. I just wonder what Russia could have done if it was part and parcel of colonialism project?

I am sure when West were colonising Africa and other parts of the world Russians did not want to be part of the game.

Now we hear they are now talking of nuclear war fare. One wonders what this will end like.

Surely no one will win the nuclear war.

 That kind of war will destroy the world as we know it. Can some sense be knocked in the heads of the so-called world leaders.

A black man made, history in America when Barack Obama became the first non-white American president. 

Who ever dreamt that Britain would elect an Indian Prime Minister.

First, they elected Khan of Asian descent as the mayor of London, and this will not end there.

They do not know how to lead themselves. People of various cultures should never cower down on these former colonisers.

This is our time to shine.   

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