Woodball spreads to schools

The training started on Thursday and ended yesterday at ZRP High School in Hatcliffe, Harare.

BY MAGRETH RUZVIDZO HARARE Metropolitan Woodball Federation this week conducted a training workshop with the aim of spreading the game to various schools.

The training started on Thursday and ended yesterday at ZRP High School in Hatcliffe, Harare.

The sport was introduced in 2015, but there hasn’t been a smooth uptake which also was later on worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federation chairman Savious Mtopa said the training would work as a roadmap for the beginning of activities as they had equipped the trainers with knowledge that would help the pupils understand the sport.

“This event was an introduction training to woodball trainees from primary and also secondary teachers, who are going to be trainers of trainers. So we had to go through this so that they prepare to get back to their schools and make sure that the new sport activities are introduced to the rest of the province,” he said.

“So as the new chairman, I just wanted to make sure that we have these participants coming for this introductory training so that they can disseminate the skills to the learners.”

The training session is also stretching to other provinces countrywide.

“We have various provinces that would be carrying out the same training sessions. It’s not only for the people in town, we are going to reach out to all the provinces. This was the beginning from this province and we intend to make sure that it goes down to rural areas depending on how the provinces are demarcated. It’s also not in Harare only, but there are various structures put in place and we are making sure that it will be disseminated to various areas of concern,” Mutopa said.

“We are saying we have been experiencing COVID-19 and so on and there wasn’t any smooth flow of training. We are then in a way retraining members who have already known the sport and maybe new members who also want to be introduced.”

Harare province will host its first tournament on April 23 at Lake Chivero, with more details to be announced in due course.

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