Golf zone: Heritage School happy with Asian Junior Masters perfomance

The heritage School has expressed delight at the performance by the team that flew the country’s flag at the Asian Junior Masters which took place at the Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Organized by the Thai Junior Golf Association the event saw at least 16 other teams from 16 different countries fight for the top honours.

While the team did not win in any category the school was pleased with the performance of the team.

“The Asian Junior Masters 2024 in Thailand has recently concluded. It was a fantastic experience for our Heritage golfers, who thoroughly enjoyed participating in the competition. The World Golf Amateur Rankings certified the certificates awarded to them, which gives recognition to The Heritage Golf Team worldwide,” the school said on its social media platforms.

“Notable performances were given by Miriam Masiya, Ruvarashe Pangeti, and Mukudzeishe Sekeso. Additionally, Munesuishe Pangeti was the youngest player in the tournament and received an award for endurance as he played 54 holes in three consecutive days.

“The team will be collaborating with US Kids Golf, SA Kids Golf, and the Asian Golf Academics. We wish the team continued success as they prepare for the World Championship qualifiers, which will be held in Johannesburg soon,” they said.

The tournament winners by junior category showcased the international flair and competitive spirit of the event, with champions hailing from across Asia, including Arisu Kim, Kartik Singh, Rino Sato, Kasidech Tanatunya, Ningyao Xu, Seinosuke Fukui, Chengrui Xu, and Ojaswini Saraswat leading their respective divisions.

The Asian Junior Masters at Black Mountain Golf Course has proven to be a pivotal platform for junior golfers from around the world to showcase their talents, compete at the highest level, and gain invaluable experience on the international stage.

Harald Elisson, Managing Director of Black Mountain Golf Club, praised the exceptional standard of play and the global participation the tournament attracted.

“The standard of play over the three days has been truly remarkable," Harald said.

“Black Mountain are proud to be supporting the Asian Junior Masters and we look forward to continuing to support Junior golf in Asia, and hosting the flagship event in the years to come.

“Thanks go out to the parents, families and players travelling to Hua Hin from 20 different countries to compete and we hope to see you al again soon,” he added.

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