Magaya's Heart Stadium phase one complete

The Heart stadium, which will house 40 000 people when fully completed, is just one part of a whole sports center being built by PHD Ministries and Yadah Football Club owner Walter Magaya.

Construction of the first phase of the Heart Stadium in Harare's Waterfalls has been completed, but the grand official opening that had been planned for tomorrow has been postponed to a later date due to the unavailability of a number of high ranking officials who were set to attend.

A host of regional leaders who had been invited to attend the commisioning of the facility are away in Angola this weekend for a SADC extraordinary summit, forcing the organizers to defer the opening of the stadium.

Sadc leaders initially attempted to hold their meeting vitually on Tuesday but encountered internet connectivity issues, which meant they had to convene in person in Luanda this weekend, thereby inconveniencing those who wanted to travel to Harare.

A number of other foreign dignitaries, ambassadors and government officials are also expected to attend the event. 

The Heart stadium, which will house 40 000 people when fully completed, is just one part of a whole sports center being built by PHD Ministries and Yadah Football Club owner Walter Magaya.

Also in his plans are an Aquatics center, a football hall of fame roll, track and field facilities, while a gym is already being set up.

Magaya, who is passionate about the development of sports in the country, said his wish is for the country's President Emerson Mnangagwa to commission the facility.

"My dream still stands, I want the head of the State to officially open this facility if his schedule permits. We await his guidance," Magaya said. "Other heads of State, former presidents and high ranking officials who want to be part of this official opening had to postpone because of the Sadc conference. I'm not in a hurry, I'm done with the stadium construction. What is left is to upgrade it to a 15000 seater until it reaches the number that will be able it to host big international matches. Take note there are two facilities, the main stadium and the training ground. All the two favorites will be officially opened at once, together with 80 boarding rooms which are just by the side of the two facilities. We have also constructed a gym here because we want this to be a high perfomance centre in combination with the stadium."

Already, critical areas of the stadium have been completed with the turf laid successfully over a morden drainage system. The grass is looking emaculately lush.

Proper stadium dugouts of international standard have been constructed, which is the first in the country.

Final touches are being done to the CAF standard dressing rooms, corporate boxes, doping control and other administration rooms, while imposing grandstands fully installed with bucket seats, have been erected.

Sports minister Kirsty Coventry, Minister of Tourism Barbara Rwodzi, officials from the Sports and Recreation Commission and Premier Soccer League boss Farai Jere toured the facility last month and were all overwhelmed with what they saw.

'We want to commend the assistance that we have received from the Ministry of Sports, working together with the Sports Recreation Commission. The minister (Coventry) herself has been in full attendance from the onset of this project, and has been helping with quality assurance to make sure that everything falls in line. Obviously we have been taking her advice on board because she is one of the most decorated sports persons in the world. Then there is also the minister of tourism, she has been very supportive because we are looking at improving religious and sports tourism so she has been helpful. The PSL boss Farai Jere has also come here and is supportive, and so has been the Harare City Council," Magaya said.

Although the stadium which is being constructed inside their Yadah complex will accommodate 5 000 spectators to start with, it will be expanded to a 40 000-seater venue when fully completed.

Yadah Complex already boast of morden hotel facilities and a training ground dedicated for training purposes by Premier league side Yadah FC.

Magaya's dream is to host international and Premier Soccer League games at his complex, starting next year when he expects to have fully completed his project.


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