All set for Ashihara Karate tourney

Ashihara Karate

Ashihara Karate Zimbabwe is set to host the Sabaki tournament in Chitungwiza today.

The Sabaki Challenge is a full-contact national tournament but a bit different from other full contact styles because grappling, foot sweeping and throws are applied unlike in other styles.

“We usually have a shutdown tournament as the year ends. Our aim and purpose is a get together as karatekas. This tournament is hosted by Ashihara Karate Zimbabwe and is dubbed Sabaki championship.  Ashihara is full contact karate style but a bit different from other full contact styles. The difference is that grappling, foot sweeping and throws are applied,” said Sensei Herbet Mururi, the head of the Ashihara Karate in Zimbabwe.

Top karatekas from across styles that will be participating include Malvern Chimusora, Given Chimene and Takudzwa Leven. In the last tournament, Men’s Light was won by Tadious Takundwa and Men’s Open by Given Chemene.

Champions will be awarded trophies, medals and certificates. Sensei Mururi bemoaned the lack of sponsorship as a big challenge that is affecting the sport in terms of its growth.

“It is difficult that we are doing this on our own, no sponsors have chipped in. We often use our own money to fund the sport and it’s a sacrifice because remember doing medals, trophies and other logistics demands a lot of money. We would have loved to award our winners with cash prizes but we don’t have. Hence we are appealing to any partners who wish to help in sponsoring the sport,” he said.

Ashihara Karate will be sending karatekas for belt promotion and a tournament in Cape Town, South Africa, next week. A team of five black belt karatekas will be led by Sensei Mururi.

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