Politicians who canvass for support in church are insulting God

President Emmerson Mnangagwa at Johanne Marange Apostolic Church

There is nothing that incenses me more than watching Zimbabwean political leaders who are the embodiment of evil itself standing in front of the church, parading themselves as paragons of love and godliness.

Nothing riles me and fills me with indignation than those who choose to demean and blaspheme the holy name of Jehovah God as they twist scriptures to suit their political ambitions and greed.

As a fervent Christian myself — I find this continued “invitation”of egoistic greedy, cruel and bloodthirsty political leaders to preach at various church gatherings as one of the major reasons our beautiful faith is being regarded as a haven of thieves and hypocrites.

Could there be anything that pushes people away from Christianity more than watching how the church now places on the high table, and allows to preach on its pulpits, those who have caused so much harm, suffering and death upon millions of ordinary Zimbabweans?

Who does not know that these political leaders, under normal circumstances, would rather have been enjoying their expensive whiskeys, gourmet meals, and indulging in their usual immoral shenanigans?

Who does not know that they spend their nights engaging in evil ritual practices, so as to enhance their powers, or to ensure their continued stay in office?

However, due to the gnawing knowledge that they are no longer wanted by a disgruntled and throughly fed up population — which has had enough of the poverty it has to endure each day — they have no option, but to hop from church to church grovelling for support and votes.

We all know that most of those in power not only prefer traditional African forms of worship but also have the blood of innocent Zimbabweans dripping from their hands — while their thieving ways are legendary.

In the absence of “other considerations”, they would frown upon Christianity and anything related to Jesus Christ whom they regard as an imposed “whitemen’s God”, with absolutely nothing to do with Africa and Africans.

Yet, here they are purely driven by the greed for power, or rather an addiction to power as they wear white garments today, tomorrow they receive holy communion at the Roman Catholic Church, and the next Sunday they are singing Methodist hymns!

Shame on these churches and political leaders.

If they had been good national leaders — expending their time, energies and resources on doing what they are in power for, they would not find themselves in such an unenviable position.

Had they focused more on improving the lives of the ordinary citizenry, by uplifting their standard of living, they would be the darlings of the nation, thereby winning elections without the need to subject themselves to such torturous theatrics.

Nonetheless, they would rather make headlines for all the wrong reasons since they are known for looting national resources — leading mafia gangs prejudicing the country of billions of dollars in looted gold and diamonds, leaving the country underdeveloped and the citizenry languishing in unimaginable poverty.

There is one thing though that the ruling elite appears not to understand.

Those congregants they love preaching to as they pretend to be true believers are also suffering as a direct consequence of their grand plunder of our resources.

These church goers are also coming from homes where they are going without sufficient food, struggling to send their children to school, as they find having a roof over their heads a mammoth task.

When they fall sick, they fail to access adequate medical attention  due to a healthcare system that is on its knees, struggling and lacking basics.

Do these leaders, who are the authors of this misery and pain, surely believe that reciting a few verses, will endear them with Christians, and all will be well?

Let us remember that even the devil knows the scriptures, and can portray himself as the “prince of light”, pretending to have our best interests at heart — which he actually tried to do with our Lord Jesus in the wilderness, as he tempted Him.

Do they honestly believe that Christians are so stupid that they will still support and vote for those who have ruined and wrecked their lives and livelihoods simply because they (politicians) know a couple of hymns?

Do the political elite actually assume that these people they stand in front of at various church gatherings, do not see that they are being addressed by liars, thieves and murderers who have not come to seek salvation, but to deceive the flock of Christ?

Please, do not take Christians for fools as they are fully aware that this is all an act of deception and lies.

These congregants know very well that their church leaders, who invite these politicians, while pushing their members to attend, are the ones directly benefiting, through all manner of bribes and other trinkets.

In fact, judging by the frequency of these church visits, I am convinced they are not invited out of genuine love.

It appears as if there is a department in government specially dedicated to finding out which church organisation has a gathering, and then demanding that political leadership be “invited”.

I believe after this article, there will be some church leaders, or those in the know, who will contact me with more information on what really is taking place.

However, all I can say to both these political and religious leaders is that — you have a rude awakening awaiting you!

Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and political commentator

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