Letter from America: Why are Republicans feeling bullish?

Since the Republicans are the stupid party, all they must do is to wait while life becomes unbearable for the common whites. Despite President Joe Biden’s heroic efforts, the situation is going South, as they say.


The Republican party is the “stupid party” while the Democratic Party is the “brainy” party. The Democrats, however, are too brainy for their own good. So, all the “stupid” party must do to be returned to power is to wait and watch as the Democrats, obsessed with minor issues, fail to address the major issues that affect the lives of the common people.

Hillary Clinton described these white voters who support Donald Trump, those who feel abandoned and desperate, who therefore become “racist, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic.” As we went to press, that section of the US, the Trumpkins (a word of derision) are waking up and feeling good about taking back the House and the Senate from the Democrats.

Since the Republicans are the stupid party, all they must do is to wait while life becomes unbearable for the common whites. Despite President Joe Biden’s heroic efforts, the situation is going South, as they say.


The US Supreme Court, now boasting of six die hard conservatives, are debating whether to all states to restrict abortions, thus gutting the power of Doe versus Roe versus Wade (1973). Democrats interpret the judgement to mean abortion is legal on demand even one hour after the child is born.

If the judgment is in their favour, the Republicans will be energised going into the election. Two of the conservative judges were appointed by former president Donald Trump.

The issue is a wedge issue, intended to drive emotions to boiling point between Catholics and Evangelicals on one hand and the brainy Democrats who boast about their secular perspective of life.

Trump is back on the campaign trail and lighting old fires which had died.

Gender issue

There is no fringe issue which Democrats will refuse to adopt. In the school sports issues, Democrats adopted a policy of accommodation with gender fluidity; a person can choose what gender she (he) wants to be.

The New York Post wrote that Lia Thomas, “who previously swam for University of Pennsylvania’s men’s team for three years before transitioning, made a name for herself breaking school and national records this year, prompting the NCAA to review its guidelines for transgender athletes.”

We must add that Lia was in the fourth division, and it appeared that his ambition to be top dog was fast disappearing with age.

Thomas has also been hanging out in women’s shower rooms. A close look at his chin shows that he still struggles to keep his beard suppressed under the skin. Further it has been confirmed that he has a tail.

This story has been a gift to Republicans because Thomas has been competing against the top Ivy League athletes, Harvard and Yale.

Democrats are in a tizzy. Being true believers, they want to defend the right of humans to choose.

In October Scott Smith went to a school board meeting at Stone Bridge High to protest after his daughter was raped by a 16-year-old trans-gender boy who was allowed to hang out in a girl’s toilet. Scott was manhandled by police who were called to quash his protest. But that was not all. He is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on suspicion of terrorist activities.

Republicans are furious about such incidents. Lia Thomas is only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We must add that politicians, presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama sent their children to a religious Quacker school in Washington, D.C.

Trump, who has started campaigning in Texas, has the slogan entitled: “Let us take our country back.”

Here is the mother of all wedge issues. Through New York Times (NYT), liberals and Democrats used Black Lives Matter organisation to drive Trump out of power.

True believers say that there is plenty of evidence to show that the US was founded on the unpaid labour of African slaves for 300 years. This slavery was justified by racist theory, that blacks are inferior humans and therefore deserve to be enslaved. In their zeal, according to this theory, all white people have benefitted from racism and therefore there is no difference between a racist white and an anti-racist white. In any case, the incarceration of blacks and their inability to take advantage of economic opportunities are embedded in the system.

The push by Democrats to teach this critical race theory (CRT) to 5-year-olds came as a shock to Virginia parents, including liberals.

The state of Virginia was a test ground. Republicans scared white parents and won the governor’s race, the first time this has happened there in a quarter of a century.

Republicans are feeling good about everything these days.

The issues are very simple. Is there any mother (or father) who wants their 5-year-old taught that they are racists and that they hate blacks? Secondly, is there any mother with a girl child at school where trans-gender humans (with tails) roam about in their toilet and showers?


President Joe Biden won the election on the promise to return to normalcy. Americans wanted a grown-up man in the White House who looked, acted, followed wise advice like a normal human being. In following wise advice from scientists, it turned out that the scientific advisors were no more than juju practitioners and charlatans.

The medicine was harsher than the disease, Trump argued.

Now, wait for this juju advice. Please be sure to have a secure and safe seat. The charlatans advised that church gatherings were to be outlawed, while leaving Walmart, the largest store chain in the US open. Public places (called pubs, places where alcohol is imbibed in liberal quantities) were safe to frequent. A preacher who held an outdoor service, with the saints’ wearing masks was dragged to a jailhouse in California. Meanwhile the governor there had a US$1 000 per plate restaurant gathering with 100 guests cavorting and holding hands.

The fact that Pfizer and Moderna Pharmaceuticals are paid by government threw the whole theory of market competition.

Despite free vaccinations, government has been unable to persuade more than 56% of the population to be vaccinated. Prohibitions placed in truckers have left grocery shelves empty and petrol has increased from US$2 to US$3.

The basket of deplorables, who number about 40% of the US population feels that these decisions are being made by big global corporations, supported by juju science, while taxpayers’ foot the bill. The allegation is that doctors are pressured to assign any new deaths to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceuticals go to hell with bags of taxpayer money. Republicans feel bullish about overturning the six-seat Democratic majority in the House and one seat in the Senate.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot and writer of books. His books are vailable from Innov8 Bookshops in Zimbabwe and at kenmufukabooks.com in the wider world.

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