Beitbridge border shutdown flops

Pedestrians walk on top of the Alfred Beit Bridge while conducting business as usual at the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A planned demonstration to shutdown the Beitbridge Border Post today flopped as security personnel from Zimbabwe and South Africa maintained a heavy presence.

Zimbabwe and South Africa maintained heavy security presence on both bridges linking the two countries with the latter deploying its border guards.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) deployed its Support Unit and regular force while several Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) servicemen patrolled the bridge in uniform and plain clothes.

There was no sign of any demonstrators and some SA nationals toured the old Alfred Beit Bridge while Zimbabweans crossed for their shopping forays in SA.

Groups called Economic Revolutionary Alliance (ERA), Progressive Zimbabweans In South Africa and an individual identifying himself as Cde Marist had called for a border blockade to press for fresh elections in Zimbabwe.

"Action Zimbabwe we are not talking anymore, we are acting towards our freedom and future. Freedom comes with action. We cannot just seat (sic) and expect Zanu PF to  hand over the country," reads part of one of the flyers flighted on social media by ERA.

Very few pedestrians and vehicles crossed the border to either side after travellers most likely decided to be cautious and not take a chance after threats from demonstration plotters.

Most truckers opted to park their trucks in the Customs and Excise yards of Zimbabwe and South Africa.


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