Zapu on verge of split

Sibangilizwe Nkomo

Opposition political party, Zapu edged towards a split yesterday after five senior members were expelled on charges of causing divisions and plotting to oust party leader Sibangilizwe Nkomo.

Former Secretary general Strike Mkandla, former Matabeleland South provincial chairperson Matthew Sibanda, ex-national secretary for Social Welfare Mildred Mkandla, Ernest Ndlovu and Akim Nkala were given marching orders yesterday.

In August, the five were accused of attempting to overthrow Nkomo.

Sibanda, Ndlovu, Mkandla (Mildred), Nkala, Gideon Dlamini and Francis Ndlovu were suspended last year after they took Nkomo to court accusing him of failing to adhere to their party's constitution.

They later withdrew the court application, paving the way for their reinstatement.

Zapu national spokesperson Mso Ndlovu confirmed the dismissal of the five senior members.

“They have individually and collectively chosen a path designed to harm Zapu in collaboration with those invested in this objective for many years now,” Ndlovu said in a statement.

“They have expelled themselves from the union. We implore our members to avoid cooperating with them as doing so helps to advance their objectives to divide and eventually destroy the party.”

Nkomo also confirmed the expulsions saying they had uncovered a plot to form a splinter party.

 “Our security department has unearthed a plot to divide and destroy the party in preparation to announce the formation of a breakaway political outfit in the coming days or weeks,” Nkomo said.

“We know the ring leaders, but most importantly we know their masters and handlers. Very soon they will come in the open.

“Some of them appear genuine during the day. They hold positions in our party, but their midnight plot is to destroy the party.”

Mnkandla (Strike) yesterday denied charges of leading a plot to oust Nkomo.

Nkomo was elected party president in November last year, filling the post left vacant following the death of party leader Dumiso Dabengwa in 2019.

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