Zinwa, residents clash over US$10 water charge

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga

LUPANE residents are up in arms over the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa)’s recent introduction of a US$10 monthly fixed water charge.

Lupane Residents and Ratepayers Development Trust (LRRA) officer in the education/communications department, Mfundo Sibanda said: “Zinwa has pegged its fixed water charge at US$10 and residents use about US$3 water per month, so we are up in arms against it.

“Residents are complaining and we are advocating to rope in lawyers for human rights to fight this, then we filter in our Constitution to reject this because water is a fundamental (right) for every human being.”

Zinwa spokesperson Marjorie Munyonga said fixed charges had always been a standard feature for water tariffs.

“Fixed charges also help cover fixed costs of operation and maintenance. In the current case, Zinwa pegged the fixed charge at US$10 equivalence not only for Lupane but all the centres it provides water as Zinwa charges a blended tariff,” she told Southern Eye.

“Zinwa provides water to Lupane from Bubi-Lupane Dam. The authority has indeed received representations from water users regarding the fixed charge, which feedback the authority takes seriously and will consider in its decision-making processes.”


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