Girl (14) seeks US$40K for cancer treatment in India

Ashley Sibanda

A BULAWAYO family is appealing for assistance from well-wishers to send their 14-year-old daughter to India for sarcoma cancer treatment.

Ashley Sibanda of Lobengula West has since quit school at Nyanda High, where she was doing Form 2 because of the disease.

Sarcoma is a tumour that occurs in the bones and soft tissues.

It’s an uncommon group of cancers which arise in the bones and connective tissue such as fat and muscle.

Family history and exposure to chemicals may cause the disease.

Her mother, Samantha Ndebele, told Southern Eye that the disease was diagnosed last year.

“It started last October. Initially, we thought it was a toothache so we went to a dental clinic for consultation where we were referred to a medical centre,” Ndebele said.

“She was operated on in December 2022 for a cyst. From then, the tumour grew even faster and her condition worsened.”

Ndebele said Ashley underwent more tests to determine what was worsening it.

“After the tests we were told that she was suffering from a cancer called sarcoma under bone cancer. We were advised to go to India as there were no suitable facilities to do the procedure locally,” she said.

Ashley requires US$40 000 for the procedure to be carried out.

“Please help my child to get back to school through this operation as she still has a bright future ahead of her. I am calling upon all those who are able to help to do so and we will be forever grateful.”

A medical doctor, who declined to be named, said: “We do not have the facilities to do the operation needed, hence we want to make the matter public. We are appealing to the corporate world, churches as well as individuals.”

Her contact number is 0772 775 185 and physical address is 4224 Lobengula West.

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