ACZ resumes social gatherings

Anglican Council of Zimbabwe (ACZ) chairperson and Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona taking part at a social soccer gathering at Mutare Sports Club in the eastern border city.

The Anglican Council of Zimbabwe (ACZ) has resumed social gatherings among the clergy and seminary students meant to share their personal experiences including marital matters.

The gatherings were suspended four years ago due to Covid 19.

A number of top church leaders and seminary students from the Anglican Dioceses of Manicaland and Harare recently met at a sports event in Mutare.

 (ACZ) chairperson and Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona said the social soccer event was meant to strengthen the bond among church leaders and to share their own personal life experiences.

“As church leaders we are always busy dealing with other people’s problems, counselling them while neglecting our own issues , this social gathering is not only to play soccer but to share our personal lives,” he said.

 “The gathering was meant to affirm our bones of fellowship and partnership, we value what we call self-care, as are playing soccer will be discussing on our various social lives.We have church leaders from Harare and Mutare and seminary students, we are resuscitating these social gatherings after Covid 19.”

Ruwona added that the church’s Mothers’ Union arm in Manicaland led by his wife Eunice has embarked on charity programmes ahead of the festive season.

The world has become too complex that even religious leaders known for their spiritual prowess have several matters to deal with including marital and social matters.

ACZ consists of five dioceses in the country.

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