Pastor shot on suspicion of witchcraft


A-PASTOR from Magobo village under Chief Siabuwa in Binga was last week shot by suspects that are yet to be arrested after they accused him of practising witchcraft.

The pastor, only identified as Ndendela was shot on the right hand at the Magangala area of Binga, amid revelations that he might have been shot by his relatives.

Chief Siabuwa who presides over wards 2 and 23 confirmed the incident yesterday saying the pastor's children might have had a hand in the shooting.

“I suspect that his children hired gunmen from Zambia to shoot him after they had a misunderstanding about cattle and pointed him out as a witch,” chief Siabuwa said.

He blamed prophets for behaving in a wrong manner.

“Prophets are the ones that provoke the situation.  They tell people that they are being bewitched without evidence, hence triggering the situation,” he said.

“I am conducting a meeting on December 15 to address these issues."

Indications are that Ndendela was taken to Binga Hospital before being transferred to a hospital in Bulawayo where he is recovering.

A police officer who attended the scene said as police they are now teaching members of the public to stop using violence when solving issues.

“We are doing campaigns teaching people that eliminating by substitution is not a solution,” the police officer said.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda said he was out of office when contacted for comment.

But sources in Binga said there are a lot of strange deaths and murder cases happening in the district.

The sources said another man was found dead last week in the same area.

However, Chief Siabuwa suspects that these could be ritual killings and called on police to intensify patrols in Binga.

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