Vapostori4ED shoot back at critics


VAPOSTORI for Economic Development (Vapostori4ED) leaders have denied claims that they did not widely consult other vapostori sects when they created the organisation.

In a WhatsApp audio that has gone viral, a sect leader identified as Madzibaba Devirage said they were not consulted by theVapostori4ED leaders before the formation of the Zanu PF affiliate group pushing for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-election next year.

He said the group was a money spinning scheme for Vapostori4ED leaders.

Vapostori4ED spokesperson Obey Mapuranga yesterday dismissed the accusations saying sect members are using their own funds and some from well-wishers as they mobilise votes for Mnangagwa.

“Vapostori4ED is a religious movement that is in consensus with the economic developments and works of President Mnangagwa. We are not seeking any financial or individual material gains. We have not received anything from anyone and we do not intend to get any funds from any individual,” he said.

“We are contributing our own resources to all events and programmes. Our national chairperson Madzibaba Moses Gwasarira is contributing about 70% of the funds from his personal pocket, that is it.”

Vapostori4ED was launched in September with provincial launches currently underway.

The sect leaders are also encouraging their followers to secure national identity cards as well as registering to vote.


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