Corn-poppers invade Kwekwe homes

Kwekwe City Council

KWEKWE City Council has raised concern over noise pollution emanating from corn-popping machines at residential properties, particularly in high-density suburbs.

Deputy mayor Pikurai Msipa said people were turning their homes into backyard industries establishing maputi-making businesses, resulting in noise pollution.

“We have people who have turned their home backyards into maputi (popcorn) manufacturing (places),” Msipa said during a recent ordinary council meeting.

“The maize-popping machines make a lot of noise, irritating other residents and the issue has to be looked into. We can’t have a situation where homes are turned into industrial areas.”

He said the machines were mostly in the high-density suburbs of Mbizo and Amaveni.

As the economic hardships bite, many people have been forced to venture into various small-scale businesses to make ends meet.

To avoid rental costs, the entrepreneurs operate from their homes.

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