Water relief for Gweru residents

File pic : Tap water

RESIDENTS of Clifton Park in Gweru, who for years struggled to access clean tap water heaved a sigh of relief following the establishment of a solar-powered borehole in the suburb recently.

Clifton Park falls under Mkoba constituency whose legislator is Citizens Coalition for Change's Amos Chibaya.

Speaking yesterday at the commissioning of the solar-powered borehole, Chibaya said residents of the area had raised concern over their failure to access clean water due to unavailability of tap water.

“We had to intervene using part of the Constituency Development Fund to alleviate the water challenges,” Chibaya said. “The residents highlighted that water was a top priority to them hence we had to timeously intervene to address their plight.”

He, however, appealed to residents to protect the borehole from vandalism.

Residents, who spoke to Southern Eye, said they had been relying on wells and travelling long distances to other suburbs for water.

“Besides the heavy bush pump we had which could not adequately service the whole suburb, we had to travel to other suburbs to access water,” said Martha Dube.

Gweru United Progressive Residents and Ratepayers Development Association Trust director David Chikore commended the project saying: “As a residents association we have always emphasised the need for leaders to consult people they represent before embarking on community projects.”

Many parts of Gweru face persistent water problems due to pipe bursts as a result ageing infrastructure.

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