Author shares public speaking wisdom in book

The 20-year-old is a former student of St Faith High School and is studying law at the University of Zimbabwe.

PUBLIC speaking coach, law student and student rights activist Sean Zvarevashe, through his debut book titled Professional Warfare Through Public Speaking has introduced readers to how they can dominate the corporate and political world through public speaking.

The book launch, which will be held on May 4 at a hotel in Harare, will be a red carpet event.

The 20-year-old is a former student of St Faith High School and is studying law at the University of Zimbabwe.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Zvarevashe said his background as an executive public speaking coach at Dr Blessing Mandipira's School of Public Speaking and as a law student under the tutelage of Obey Shava at Shava Law Chambers provided an understanding of the significance of good communication.

“These avenues provided an understanding of one key principle — that power, prestige and wealth are the preserve of effective communicators, confident individuals and that is why I wrote a book on how to help one master the trade and tap into those preserves altogether,” he said.

Zvarevashe said his journey of public speaking started at St Faith High School where he spoke on stage for the first  time which later paved the way for bigger stages.

“Initially I was timid, but eventually I had an opportunity to represent Manicaland province at Orate Africa, NASH (National Association of School Heads) public speaking competitions and at one point qualified to represent the country in Namibia, but due to unforeseen circumstances the competition never materialised,” he noted.

Zvarevashe further mentioned that he became junior Member of Parliament for Makoni Central and junior Defence minister in the 29th session of the Junior Parliament which resulted in a mindset shift from speaking for trophies to speaking for change and positive impact.

“Ms Rudo Shumba from the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) opened up another avenue for speaking for impact as I became REPSSI Zimbabwe Man of Honour 2021-22 where[by] I was using oratory to promote positive masculinity in society. I was also introduced to the Zimbabwe Youth Policy Tracking Group, another avenue where oratory is used as an entity for change,” Zvarevashe said.

The young author said his mentors were fairly young; the likes of Obey Shava, Stephen Ziwada, Takudzwa Bvukurusi, Honourable Mamombe and Blessing Mandipira and he believes that there is no particular age for success.

Zvarevashe mentioned that his book inculcated confidence in readers through knowledge, practice and association, adding that the 50-page book was a distillation of the oratory abilities of Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler and the effective use of body language by popular tiktoker Kabby Lamme.

The author noted that he intended to launch books annually to create meaningful connections and network with people.

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