‘Stage names carry deeper meaning, symbolism’

Rising Afro fusion songstress African Wine, born Delmar Kapishe

THE practice of adopting pseudonyms or stage names is common among artists and celebrities the world over as part of their creativity.

Some associate these names with deeper meanings, enabling artists to live apart from their personal and professional lives and embrace a new identity that is in line with their artistic endeavours. Others adopt stage names to shield their true identities from prying eyes.

NewsDay Weekender Life & Style caught up with rising Afro fusion songstress African Wine, born Delmar Kapishe, about the meaning behind her stage name, drive and aspirations, among others.

Behind the pseudonym

I chose this name to celebrate the beauty and complexity of African music and art. African Wine represents the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the continent. Just like fine wine that matures with age, African music gets better with time and tells stories of our past, present and future.

The name symbolises the intoxicating blend of rhythms, melodies and stories that define my music. It came to me in a moment of inspiration and it has since become a central part of my identity as an artist.

Finding a love for the arts

My journey as an artist began at a young age when I discovered a passion for music and writing. I started performing at local events, school festivals, church services and at parties with my sisters, slowly building and honing my craft. Through hard work and dedication, I eventually broke into the music industry and have been creating music ever since.

Spark, motivation

My music is driven and inspired by African heritage, the beauty of the continent, its people and our stories. I draw inspiration from the rhythms of African music and infuse them with modern and contemporary pop melodies and harmonies to cultivate a unique sense of identity in the evolution of music.

Feedback from my fans and peers motivates me and helps me to improve and evolve as an artist.

In order to stay motivated and grow as a musician, I constantly challenge myself to explore new sounds, collaborate with other artists and push boundaries creatively.

I also stay connected to my roots and wine, as inspiration flows with ease in these moments.

Additional passions

Besides being a musician, I am an actress, fashion enthusiast, an advocate for women’s rights and the co-founder and CEO of Delexay, a recording studio evolving into a multi-faceted creative hub combining music production, visual content creation, fashion and entertainment services. The expansion of the studio will bring new opportunities and exciting projects for artistes and clients.

After finishing my degree in production engineering, I could not wait to reunite with my passion for art and I believe that we are in the era where art meets technology at the highest level so I am excited to see what this venture will turn into.

Support system

I have been fortunate to have mentors and role models who have guided and inspired me on my artistic journey. My high school music teacher Mr Kwashirai, my church choir co-ordinator Mathias Chinyoka and the late Father Ribeiro, among others, inspired me. Their wisdom, experience and support have been invaluable in shaping my music and helping me navigate the industry.

To fellow female artists

I would say believe in yourself, stay true to your vision and never be afraid to speak truth through your music. Surround yourself with a supportive community, work hard and continue to learn and grow as an artist.


Through my work as a female artist, I hope to refute and challenge gender stereotypes and misconceptions. I strive to break down stereotypical social and cultural barriers, celebrate diversity and empower other women to relentlessly pursue their dreams in the music industry or other fields.

Through my music, I hope to inspire and create a more inclusive and equitable space for all artists.

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