Music helps Tahle WeDzinza to self-discover

Tahle WeDzinza

MUSIC diva Robyn Anesu Katahle Dawani, popularly known as Tahle WeDzinza in the music circles, says music has helped her discover herself.

The multi-talented songwriter, vocalist, theatre performer and interior designer, started her showbiz journey at the age of 15, with the main inspiration coming from her mother.

During her teen years, Tahle WeDzinza received over 18 distinctions and several awards from the National Institute of Allied Arts.

She is well known for her angelic voice which she fuses with different cultural sounds across Africa.

Tahle WeDzinza rose to fame under Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement where she featured on the tracks Chekeche and Give me More.

Apart from her collaboration with Jah Prayzah, she has also done some notable duets with dancehall singer Tocky Vibes and DJ Naida, among other artistes.

Her own singles include Teleunga (Follow Me), Love is a Friend, Hautendeseke and Mabukabieni.

NewsDay Weekender caught up with Tahle WeDzinza to hear more about her life off the mic and stage.

The name Tahle WeDzinza

My name is Ketahle, which means light or happiness, so Tahle WeDzinza means light of the generation.

Spare time

Well, I can say I like sleeping, especially these days. It has been really hectic for the past months and getting four hours of sleep is an actual miracle for me.

But generally, I love to read, I love to be adventurous, site seeing and eating as well. I love food.

Most embarrassing moment

No one knows this, but I once fell at the entrance of the Meikles Hotel. The guards who were on duty that day are the only ones who know about this story and the details.

All I can say is that I just picked myself up so fast and just pretended as if nothing had happened to me.

Worst criticism on social media

Worst? To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I actually read a comment that is not my own. My fans are very respectful. If they ever need to say something, they say it in a respectful way.

I don’t think criticism in general should be harsh or be hurtful when delivered. I think if it comes off like that then it’s just words being used to cut an individual down.


I do believe in friendship. As I have been growing up, I have realised that friends play different roles in one’s life and to be happy you need to understand what space someone holds in your life.

I, too, have learnt that I need to be aware of what space I hold in other people’s lives so I can become a better friend.

Greatest lesson

Don’t be emotional. A lot of people take things too personal and that blocks judgment. I would say know where you are in the ring.

Which simply means in everything you know what position you are in, this helps one to manoeuvre in life easily. Sometimes we get ourselves into so much because of our inability to be perceptive.

Favourite movie

Anything marvelous, I love superhero stuff and comic books. That is my favourite. I am also in love with animations and cartoons.

I like watching things that help me unwind. Half of my time, my mind is cranking, so watching a movie that makes me think even more is a big no.

Favourite clothes brand

I wear anything that looks and feels nice on me. I am a simple girl. But I am definitely a Zara girl. If it’s a matter of choosing everything Zara, I will touch and take.

Dealing with boredom

Usually, I just like spending time with family or close friends. I like surrounding myself with people whom I know have their best intentions for me. Prayer helps me a lot as well.

Belief in love

Yes, I do believe in love. I believe it is the foundation of humanity. If a home is without love it is just a house, if a church is without love it is just a building.

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