Puma appoints new GM

Puma has a retail network of 79 service stations country wide, with a presence at four airports.

Puma Energy Zimbabwe, a leading player in the country’s fuel distribution sector, this week appointed Donatien Kadog  as new general manager.

Kadog replaces, Daniel Duffau, who joined the company at the beginning of 2022.

Under his leadership, the company opened new fuel service stations in Highland Park, Chinamano and Zimre Park, the firm said.

“These stations effectively become destinations for consumers who have access to multiple services. These stations are coupled with other offers such as fast food, convenience stores, pharmacies, automated teller machines and many other services,” Duffau said during an event to mark his departure this week.

“Significant partnerships have emerged between promoters, notably Terrace Africa, KFC, Simbisa, Slice, Pizza Hut restaurants, Nedbank and Stanbic,” he noted.

He said that through collaborations with various carriers, Puma had set up a tracking system for vehicles involved in the transportation of its petroleum products.

“The system makes it possible to monitor speeding, uninterrupted driving and night driving in real time,” Duffau added.

His successor, Kadog, has worked for the Puma Group for 13 years, with exposure to the markets of Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and most recently, holding a top position in Congo.

“Our group is confident in the future of Zimbabwe and intends to strengthen itself to continue to be a major player in the oil distribution sector in this country,” Kadog said.

“We must carry out this ambitious programme in this current macro-economic environment which is characterised by challenges that you know and also the good opportunities, with more aggressive competition and above all, with an ever-increasing presence of players in the distribution business.”

According to its website, Puma Energy entered the Zimbabwean market in November 2013 by acquiring 60% shareholding in Redan Petroleum, a domestic fuel supply business.

Puma has a retail network of 79 service stations country wide, with a presence at four airports.

The Singapore-based multinational commodity trading company, Trafigura, owns Puma after buying out local partner, Sakunda Holdings, in its Zimbabwe business, Trafigura Zimbabwe, in 2020.

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