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How an SMP can assist Zim achieve economic stability

Through SMPs, the IMF has assisted various countries to emerge from economic challenges and set themselves on a recovery trajectory.
By Blessing Nyatanga Oct. 6, 2023

Did external factors sorely affect OK’s performance?

This article will attempt to assess the issues raised by the giant retailer as well as other internal factors that could be attributed to the financial stress.
By Blessing Nyatanga Oct. 13, 2023

The prisoner’s dilemma

Considering two firms say Coca Cola and Pepsi sell similar products. Each must ascertain a pricing strategy.
By Blessing Nyatanga Oct. 20, 2023

Performance, compliance: A case of AirZim

Air Zimbabwe does not have a mechanism to evaluate its own performance.
By Blessing Nyatanga Oct. 27, 2023

ZSE: Formation and role

In Zimbabwe’s financial system, there are two interest rates, the lending rate, that is the cost of capital or borrowing and the deposit rate, that is the rate of return on savings.
By Blessing Nyatanga Oct. 27, 2023

Prioritising power for industry: A case of OK, Nash Paints

This article will attempt to establish the importance of prioritising power on industry to ensure sustainable costs and continued operations.
By Blessing Nyatanga Nov. 3, 2023