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Chinese military faces severe problems and challenges

China has been making efforts to modernize its armed forces, which saw heavy investments in research and development of modern weapons and equipment
By The Hongkong Post Sep. 25, 2023

China’s disinformation campaign detrimental to global peace and stability

It is not Taiwan but several other countries blamed China for spreading disinformation to influence public opinion, manipulate election outcomes and build a pro-China narrative.
By The Hongkong Post Dec. 28, 2023

Worst period for Chinese people– with rising unemployment

According to the government, if you have a son, you don’t get paid; it’s the children who make money, without money, young people face difficulty affording food.
By The Hongkong Post Feb. 23, 2024

China’s ‘Spy ships’ in Maldives has damaging political implications for Muizzu’s Party

At present with Mohammad Muizzu’s party at the helm, the shift is more prominently towards Beijing, quite evidently.    
By The Hongkong Post Feb. 29, 2024

The dystopian reality of Hong Kong’s new National Security Law

The new Article 23 significantly broadens the definition of crimes against national security.
By The Hongkong Post Apr. 20, 2024

China Doubles Down On Suppressing Press Freedom

The regime in Beijing was again highlighted as the biggest detainer of journalists globally, with over 100 currently imprisoned.
By The Hongkong Post May. 13, 2024

Hong Kong life totters as Family Wellbeing Index reflects downward trend

Families in Hong Kong, a former British colony and currently a part of China, are witnessing a downward trend as far as the well-being of the families is concerned.
By The Hongkong Post May. 21, 2024

Conviction of 14 pro-democracy activists in one stroke yet another nail in the coffin of democracy in Hong Kong

Reports from Hong Kong say the three judges who have convicted the 14 activists had been handpicked by the Beijing-appointed Chief Executive of Hong Kong.
By The Hongkong Post Jun. 10, 2024