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China estimates COVID surge is infecting 37 million people a day

Nearly 37 million people in China may have been infected with COVID-19 on a single day this week,
By Bloomberg News Dec. 23, 2022

SA has first case of most transmissible Covid-19 variant

The variant was discovered in gene sequencing carried out by researchers at Stellenbosch University from a December 27 sample.
By Bloomberg News Jan. 7, 2023

South Africa’s biggest cement firm mulls sale of Zimbabwe unit

The PPC unit in Zimbabwe has attracted interest from a local company involved in road construction and home building, the people said.
By Bloomberg News Feb. 7, 2023

Japan public opinion turns most negative on China in nine years

The survey was carried out just as Japan began a discharge of treated wastewater from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.
By Bloomberg News Oct. 23, 2023

China’s grip on Africa's minerals sparks a US response

A Chinese state company later rebuilt a key railway line in Angola at an estimated cost of $2-billion.
By Bloomberg News Nov. 9, 2023

Zambia delays start of cchool year as cholera deaths rise

Cholera outbreaks have affected 16 African countries over the last two years as severe storms and wars have accelerated the spread of illnesses.
By Bloomberg News Jan. 4, 2024

Zambia, Zimbabwe to retender $5bn Batoka hydropower plant

Water levels at Kariba, which straddles Zambia and Zimbabwe, are expected to keep receding due to poor rainfall, Munodawafa said, although he ruled out decommissioning the dam.
By Bloomberg News Mar. 26, 2024

El Niño drives Zimbabwean millers to seek Brazilian corn

The association represents the country’s privately owned grain millers who are authorised to import corn.
By Bloomberg News Apr. 16, 2024

El Niño to trigger drought insurance payouts in Zimbabwe

Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique will receive payments at the end of the harvesting season, according to current projections, African Risk Capacity said in a statement.
By Bloomberg News Apr. 19, 2024

Zimbabwe’s ZiG weakens to lowest level since launch

Zimbabwe’s gold-backed ZiG currency has weakened to its lowest level against the US dollar since it was launched a month ago.
By Bloomberg News May. 7, 2024

Worst drought in 4 decades cuts Zim maize crop by 72%

Zimbabwean grain millers plan to import at least 1.4 million tons of maize by July to address the shortfall.
By Bloomberg News May. 9, 2024