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New perspectives: Why it is important to have a job contract before offering services

Lived experiences teach us the best lessons and this article is not about hearsay.
By Yollander Millin Oct. 16, 2022

Poverty, national well-being

Food poverty is the most prevalent with the rest afore mentioned following not so far behind.
By Yollander Millin Jun. 2, 2023

Perspectives: Leadership in Africa

The irony is that with each sunrise, new mayhems emerge, pushing us further and further away from social and economic justice.
By Yollander Millin Aug. 26, 2023

Economic emancipation of all youths: An urgent development priority

Any medium to long term development plans that do not take into account the needs and aspirations of youths is fatal and doomed to fail.
By John P. Maketo and Yollander Millin Nov. 12, 2023

Assessing wealth tax in developing countries

This means the property usually will cost less than its initial value.
By Yollander Millin Dec. 8, 2023