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New perspectives: Diaspora bonds: A potential game-changer

African governments are looking more to their diaspora — can bonds work?
By Michael Zuze Oct. 7, 2022

Actions to end load shedding and achieve energy security

ZIMBABWE is currently experiencing a depressed power supply situation, which was exacerbated by the reduced power production from Kariba Power Station.
By Michael Zuze Dec. 23, 2022

Critical analysis of RBZ’s planned digital currency

In conclusion, the introduction of the gold-backed digital currency by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is a bold move aimed at stabilising the local currency in an inflationary environment.
By Michael Zuze May. 12, 2023

Addressing instability, restoring confidence

The economic situation in Zimbabwe is dire, with alarming levels of inflation and a rapid erosion of purchasing power.
By Michael Zuze Jun. 23, 2023

Perspectives: Unraveling the mechanics, dangers of pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes are prevalent scams that operate on a "trickle-up" economic theory.
By Michael Zuze Jul. 21, 2023