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Michelle C Madzudzo

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Early detection, treatment saves lives

Prostate cancer does not wait, neither should we. Early detection is the best bet for your health, go and get screened.
By Michelle C Madzudzo Sep. 24, 2022

Can sex reduce prostate cancer risk?

HAVE you ever heard about claims that having more sex and ejaculating more reduces your risk of prostate cancer?
By Michelle C Madzudzo Oct. 1, 2022

Male breast cancer,the untold story in Zimbabwe

When men are diagnosed  with breast cancer, in a very odd way their masculinity and sexuality is questioned or challenged in a way.
By Michelle C Madzudzo Oct. 11, 2022

Is there a link between prostate cancer and sex?

We can empower men to be proactive in safeguarding their prostate health. Instead of relying on unproven theories, here are some tips to stay on top of your prostate health:
By Michelle C Madzudzo Sep. 15, 2023

Early cancer detection, treatment saves lives

Failure to do so would mean that men's reproductive health-seeking behaviour regarding early screening and treatment for prostate cancer will remain compromised.
By Michelle C Madzudzo Oct. 6, 2023