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Mnangagwa govt harasses opposition with arrests, jail

The fiery 50-year-old Sikhala has been arrested more than 65 times in his two-decade political career
By Farai Mutsaka Sep. 4, 2022

Care groups breathe life into Mat South’s vulnerable people

 Their mothers crossed the border into neighbouring countries to seek work, leaving her with the duty of ensuring the wellbeing of the children.
By Farai Mutsaka Jun. 25, 2023

Chivi disability-inclusive parenting programme spreads love

Thanks to a support group introduced in her locality under Unicef, the 22-year-old is now living a happy life again.
By Farai Mutsaka Jul. 2, 2023

Support group carries Chivi community’s hopes

Ronado Mazango, the director of the Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association, marvelled, and recalled how far Chivi Chengaose Children’s Stimulation Centre has come.
By Farai Mutsaka Jul. 23, 2023

Life skills boost confidence of children with disability in Chivi

In Zimbabwe, children living with disabilities such as Simbarashe are acquiring new skills to fully realize their potential.
By Farai Mutsaka Jul. 30, 2023

Mnangagwa driving Zimbabwe into chaos, says Chamisa

In the AP interview, he laid out a series of concerns that indicate the country, with its history of violent and disputed elections, could be heading for another one.
By Farai Mutsaka Aug. 6, 2023

Albinism pageant winner feels beautiful, purposeful

Muhitu, who received US$250 for winning the Miss Albinism pageant, commended the growing number of events that celebrate people with albinism in Africa.
By Farai Mutsaka Oct. 31, 2023

Faith leaders set religion aside to fight cholera, polio

A recent outbreak of cholera that struck him forced Darare to change his thinking about how best to tackle the disease.
By Farai Mutsaka Apr. 21, 2024

The heroes behind rise in health-seeking behaviour in Umguza

Village health workers have forged a transformative partnership with community influencers to increase demand for, and access to primary healthcare services
By Farai Mutsaka 8h ago