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Information key to climate change mitigation: FAO

Climate change has seen floods destroying infrastructure in parts of Manicaland province in the past years.
By Moreblessings Nyoni Sep. 9, 2022

Low turnout at Mai Sorobhi burial

A SOMBRE mood engulfed Warren Hills cemetery in Harare as yesteryear actress Rhoda “Mai Sorobhi” Mtembe was laid to rest yesterday afternoon.
By Moreblessings Nyoni Sep. 16, 2022

Youths are key in fighting climate change: UN

Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector has borne the brunt of climate change, evidenced by recurrent droughts and floods.
By Moreblessings Nyoni Oct. 28, 2022

‘High GBV case linked to climate change’

UNPF technical GBV specialist Verena Bruno said: “In the aftermath of tropical Cyclone Idai, cases of GBV were high.
By Moreblessings Nyoni Nov. 1, 2022