Mviyo Tech aims to deliver local solutions to local problems

The Harare launch followed the company's debut in Bulawayo a week earlier at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).
By Sindiso Dube Dec. 3, 2023

Banks race to curb surge in card cloning

Statistics from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) point to a daily average of nearly ZW$50 billion being transacted through point-of-sale machines where bank cards are mostly used.
By Belinda Chiroodza Nov. 24, 2023

Businesses urged to adopt AI

AI is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.
By Belinda Chiroodza Nov. 10, 2023

Adapt or die, businesses told

Chiome said AI was helping businesses by automating tasks, improving decision-making and creating new products.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Nov. 3, 2023

‘Allow telcos to peg in USD’

Several critical sectors such as electricity, fuel and road tolls have already been given the greenlight to peg their fees in USD.
By Staff Reporter Oct. 31, 2023

ICT to play a key role in Zim economy

By utilising ICT, a business can improve its efficiency and effectiveness, while also being more responsive to customer requirements.
By Enos Denhere Oct. 13, 2023

Zinara cashiers in fraud storm

Total value prejudiced to the complainant is yet to be established.
By Desmond Chingarande Oct. 3, 2023

Satewave churns out power solutions for Zim

Satewave Technologies director Xiao Feng said the company has several solar solutions to address the current power challenges.
By Staff Writer Aug. 15, 2023

Director up for US$47 000 fraud

She allegedly produced a fake purchase order purportedly raised by Shamva Goid Mine to Tech Global ordering 250 drill bits at US$ 86 000.
By Desmond Chingarande Jul. 31, 2023