Meta is developing a new, more powerful AI system, Wall Street Journal reports

The Facebook parent is aiming for its new AI model to be ready next year, the Journal said, adding it will be several times more powerful than its commercial version dubbed Llama 2.
By Reuters Sep. 11, 2023

Meta heats up Big Tech's AI arms race with new language model

Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) said on Friday it was releasing to researchers a new large language model.
By Bbc News Feb. 27, 2023

Meta loses bid to toss $175 mln verdict in streaming patent case

A federal judge in Austin, Texas on Tuesday rejected a request by Meta Platforms Inc's (META.O) to throw out a $175 million jury patent verdict for walkie-talkie app maker.
By Reuters Feb. 23, 2023

YouTube's quarter shows problems Meta may face: TikTok, weakening economy

YouTube's advertising revenue grew by 4.8% in the second quarter, a percentage point lower than its growth during the dismal first few months of the pandemic.
By Reuters Feb. 7, 2023

Meta says removes China-based propaganda operation targeting U.S. midterms

Meta Platforms (META.O) said on Tuesday it disrupted the first known China-based influence operation focused on targeting users in the United States with political content
By Reuters Sep. 27, 2022

Meta, Qualcomm sign pact on custom virtual reality chips

Engineering and product teams of both companies will work together to produce the chips, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon platforms
By Reuters Sep. 2, 2022