Reminiscence of the war that brought Independence

The Union Jack was coming down for good
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 30, 2024

Zim’s land resettlement experience

With the end of the strictures imposed by Lancaster House Agreement in 1990, it was possible for the state to acquire land and the Land Acquisition Act was passed in 1992.
By Ian Scoones Apr. 6, 2023

Zimbabwe needs a new social contract

To restore genuine and enduring national unity — Zimbabwe desperately needs a new social contract.
By Innocent Mpoki Dec. 27, 2022

Mapping roadmap for gender equality in politics

Taking a broader view, women make up the majority of Zimbabwe’s voters, making up about 52% of the country’s total population.
By Tinashe Kanda and Usher Nyambi Nov. 9, 2022