Chivayo saga: Tyson says Mnangagwa must speak

Mnangagwa never said anything about the saga.
By Nqobani Ndlovu Jun. 23, 2024

Winky D's 20 years of Ghettocracy Score: Sparks debate

Self-exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said:  
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 2, 2024

In the groove: Jonathan Moyo was right after all

Did you know that Professor Jonathan Moyo the politician is/was also a musician?
By Fred Zindi Dec. 10, 2023

Crisis as CCC quits Parly ...pulls out of councils

Zanu PF has distanced itself from the recalls.
By Staff Reporters Oct. 12, 2023

Moyo ‘fights’ in Zec’s corner

In a statement yesterday, Moyo also applauded Zec for addressing some of the concerns raised by the opposition parties and individuals.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Aug. 28, 2023

Letter from America: Why Zanu-PF must win at any cost!

Jonathan’s letter exposes all the weaknesses of Zanu-PF, and explains why even after 43 years in power, the leadership have no option but to win the election, by hook or by crook.
By Kenneth Mufuka Aug. 6, 2023

Matabeleland learners 'shut out' of academic science and technology careers

Students in Matabeleland North are struggling to access the Stem programme, as the government suspended it in 2018 and focused on funding university students.
By The Citizen Bulletin Apr. 2, 2023

Shadaya ignites heated global gender debate….and picks up 6K new followers in the process

Shadaya normally uses his social media handles to raise masculinity awareness among modern men.
By Donald Nyandoro Feb. 21, 2023

Low voter registration indicative of dangerous, oppressive political environment

If it was in a country where logic, responsibility and obligation is respected or prevails, the whole Zec commission would have resigned over poor performance.
By Mathew Nyashanu Jan. 18, 2023