Govt acts against expired, underweight food products

On Wednesday, Health and Child Care minister Douglas Mombeshora appointed a 16-member Food Standards Advisory Board.
By Vanessa Gonye 22h ago

Donor (in)dependent

The Zimbabwe government this week boasted that it was achieving great strides in provision of health services to its people
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Jul. 6, 2024

E-learning platform for midwives launched

The e-learning platform for midwives is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.
By Vanessa Gonye Jun. 21, 2024

Lessons to draw from SA’s national health policy (II)

This is what motivated the South African government to try and bring balance by introducing National Health Insurance.
By Kevin Tutani Jun. 14, 2024

Ministry targets 130k health workers by 2028

The government has rolled out a programme to fight cervical cancer in rural communities with assistance from WHO.
By Nunurai Jena Apr. 30, 2024

Govt courts partners on health projects

He called for the designing of tailored and targeted health programmes that address the economic, social, political and environmental injustice that impact people’s health and rights.
By Vanessa Gonye Apr. 25, 2024

‘Cervical cancer remains a health concern’

More than 200 healthcare facilities across Zimbabwe now offer visual inspection with Acetic Acid and Cervicography screenings and safety locations to provide HPV tests.
By Vanessa Gonye Apr. 24, 2024

Health minister bemoans skills flight

Mombeshora revealed this in Parliament this week, while responding to written submissions made by legislators on the state of the health sector in the country.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Apr. 6, 2024

All have a right to health and can contribute to it

Government has committed itself to establishing a National Health Insurance scheme, which would benefit in particular those who do not belong to a medical aid society.
By Cimas Apr. 5, 2024