The climate brief: Why is our climate changing?

This dynamic is particularly pertinent in discussions about climate change, although it could be a topic for another time.
By Darlington Muyambwa May. 31, 2024

Zim, Moza act on floods, droughts

The protocol called for the establishment of river basin institutions including commissions.
By Sydney Kawadza Jun. 10, 2023

Poverty underplayed in climate change matrix

When climate change is talked about with Africa as a reference point and setting, only the causes and such issues as natural disasters.
By Peter Makwanya May. 15, 2023

Global warming abandon capitalism or perish

Under capitalism, everybody is allowed to harm mother earth if doing so guarantees him or her to make the almighty dollar.
By Nkwazi Mhango Apr. 8, 2023

Edutainment mix: Artist engagement in climate change awareness

The power of creativity is something that has the potency to expand the futuristic imaginaries which open up the minds to the new scenarios of change.
By Raymond Millagre Langa Mar. 12, 2023

In full: Statement by the Minister of Local Government and public works on the current rainfall season

There is much evidence that the current rainfall season is a positive one, thus pointing to a good agricultural season and moreso, replenishing of our water bodies.