Human-wildlife conflict Strategy inadequate: Govt

Communities in wildlife corridors also regularly lose their crops and livestock as competition for water and food between wild animals and humans intensifies.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 3, 2024

ED leads nation in prayer

On the political and governance front, Mnangagwa said the prevailing peaceful and tranquil environment in communities was an inspiring answer to prayers.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Dec. 14, 2023

Children shoulder the greatest burden of the Aids pandemic

Communities should also ensure that orphaned children living on the streets are rehabilitated and have access to education, health facilities and other essential social services.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Dec. 14, 2023

Zim overburdened by HIV: Ministry

UNAids said communities had a critical role in ending Aids as a public health threat at least by 2030.
By Lorraine Muromo and Brent Shamu Nov. 30, 2023

African mass markets demonstrate the value of contextualising gender issues

Generally, African communities develop in their ecosystem based on embedded strong traditional relationships. As indigenous ecosystems, African markets do not have one definition.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 29, 2023

Reimagining agribusiness models which value farmers, environment

The government can use policies, while development organisations can use their capital to dilute share ownership within companies on behalf of the farmers and rural communities.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 1, 2023

Bringing back dignity to African farming systems through mass markets

Depending on food aid or cash transfers is one major way African communities continue to lose their dignity.
By Charles Dhewa Oct. 25, 2023

How far can imperfect knowledge go in generating solutions?

Farmers tend to be very suspicious of processing enterprises from which they are excluded in value added products.
By Charles Dhewa Oct. 6, 2023

Feature: Fishponds bring hope for Cyclone Idai victims

The Resilience Building for Chimanimani Communities project aims to bring back the resilience of communities affected by flooding and drought.
By Obert Siamilandu Oct. 4, 2023