Zimura makes its point at Sino-African Copyright

Zimura chief executive officer, Polisile Ncube-Chimhini.

MUSIC is among developmental key agencies that could help strengthen Zimbabwe-China relations if extensively exploited, says Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura), chief executive officer, Polisile Ncube-Chimhini.

Addressing hundreds of delegates from across the globe at the recently held Sub Forum on Sino-African Copyright Cooperation in Chengdu, she stated that African music was finding its way into virgin markets and hoped that copyright holders are rightfully compensated for the benefit of the music industry and those that are liable to benefit accordingly.

“Music shapes cultures and societies around the world, it can inspire change and positively impact on developmental agenda," Chimhini said.

“Effects of music on the culture around us may not be immediately apparent, yet advances through time.

“Owing it to foreign visits to China for business, education and other reasons has helped African music find its way into the Chinese market.”

Zimbabwe-China relations are highly attributed to Zimbabwe’s look east foreign policy which sought to strengthen ties between the two countries.

“The advent of internet, increase in digital platform and online streaming services have opened up for a need to effect digital protection measures such as digital rights management (DRM)

“And for there to be a grossly beneficial tone for artistes, Africa and China need to make deliberate efforts to enter into reciprocal agreements," Chimhini said.

“At the same time protection of Chinese music repertoire in Africa involves safeguarding the intellectual property rights associated with Chinese music and ensuring that authorised use, reproduction or distribution of Chinese music does not occur without proper approval or compensation,” she reiterated

However, she called on China to make use of its tech expertise in supporting societies to help improve their current models of monitoring music usages.

“China being a global leader in technology can develop solutions for Africa in terms of monitoring systems, digital stores for music sales and online streaming services among others with hope of compensating artists for their hard work,” Chimhini added.


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