Kuda Vhama's barber shop: A Community Hub

Kuda Vhama trimming a client in Kadoma

Nestled within the bustling community of Ngezi, a high-density suburb in the mining town of Kadoma, Zimbabwe, lies Kuda Vhama's barber shop.

More than just a place to get a haircut, this humble establishment has become a vibrant hub where football enthusiasts, community members, and everyday individuals converge to connect, share stories, and engage in lively discussions.

As one enters the shop, a sense of camaraderie envelops the atmosphere.

Seated on a wooden bench, patiently awaiting their turn, patrons immerse themselves in a tapestry of conversations ranging from the latest football news to political debates and community updates.

The room's walls are adorned with football memorabilia, with Dynamos FC images taking center stage, reflecting the proprietor's unwavering passion for the beautiful game.

"This place is always abuzz with people from all walks of life – miners, entertainers, corporate professionals, and sportsmen alike," explains Kuda Vhama, the shop's owner.

"Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all share a common love for football, and this shop has become a sanctuary for them to connect and engage in meaningful conversations."

Vhama's barber shop serves as more than just a grooming establishment; it's a place where individuals from all walks of life find common ground, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Whether seeking a fresh trim or simply wanting to catch up on the latest news, patrons gravitate towards the shop's welcoming atmosphere.

"Even those without haircut appointments often drop by to socialize and catch up on the latest happenings," Vhama adds. "This place has become a hub for information sharing and community discussions."

Born and raised in Rimuka, Kadoma's oldest high-density suburb, Vhama has been surrounded by footballing legends since his childhood.

Renowned figures such as Cuthbert Malajila, Charles Chiutsa, Hebert Dick, Norman Komani, Daniel Zokoto, and dancehall star Kinnah all hail from his community, further fueling his passion for the sport.

"At the age of 17, I joined Mundondo Barber Shop, where I learned the art of hairstyling under the guidance of Felix Thandi," Vhama recalls.

"Since then, I have dedicated myself to this craft, honing my skills and transforming it into my life's passion."

For Vhama, hairstyling is more than just cutting hair; it's an art form that allows him to express emotions and individuality through style. He sees his profession as a way to connect with people, enhance their appearance, and uplift their spirits.

"I don't see myself as anything else in life besides a hairstylist," Vhama declares with unwavering conviction. "This is my calling, and I'm committed to using my skills to bring joy and confidence to my clients."

Beyond his barbering expertise, Vhama actively contributes to the community as a member of the Ngezi United Football Club, which competes in Kadoma's lower Division Two leagues.

"Our goal is to nurture and support aspiring young footballers, ensuring that their talents don't go to waste," Vhama explains.

"We also believe in harnessing the power of sports to combat drug and substance abuse among our youth."

Kuda Vhama's barber shop stands as a testament to the unifying power of football and the importance of community engagement. It's a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together; fostering a sense of belonging and for the betterment of their community.

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