Normal is boring - Tamika Rogers

Tamika Rogers said she felt confident every time she was in front of the camera.

FASHION model and video vixen Tamika Rogers believes one has to be unique in their appearance for them to forge ahead in the modelling industry.

The 23-year-old beauty said she felt confident every time she was in front of the camera.

"I feel confident and empowered when I'm on set. Being in front of the camera makes me feel good, it heals my inner person.

One thing I realised about modelling is that being normal is boring. One has to bring out the best out of their image and representation. Hence I thrive to do almost everything be it modelling for brand activation or being a video vixen and in all these aspects I try to be unique," she said.

Tamika finds it easy to balance being a video vixen and modelling because for her both are similar.

“I’m particular about my brand image and representation. It’s just not every brand that approaches me that I work with. Being selective therefore reduces the pressure.

"Modelling and appearing in videos are more like the same, I find it easy to juggle the two, and I like being both, “said Tamika.

Apart from modelling Rogers finds joy in serving the community, being a public administrator has also aided in that, being able to give back and to society rightfully.

She has featured in the video for Ndiwe by Nutty O featuring Demarco and Kachest ke love by Nyasha David, kae chaps and Voltz JT.

Tamika has worked with fashion brands like ivhutribe and minister of whiteline, and commercially big names like Monomotapa hotel and Sterling boutique lodge.

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