Ex-prisoner pays tribute to MaEli

Ex-Khami Maximum Prison inmate Nation “King Nation” Ngwenya (pictured right) has released a rhumba track titled Udumo Luka Ma Eli,

Ex-Khami Maximum Prison inmate Nation “King Nation” Ngwenya  has released a rhumba track titled Udumo Luka Ma Eli, a tribute to the late Insimbi ZeZhwane leader Elvis “Ma Eli” Mathe who passed on last month.

 The Insimbi ZeZhwane band members were involved in an accident along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road near Fatima High School turn off where Ma Eli, who was the lead vocalist and lead guitarist succumbed to injuries.

His musical prowess was discovered through the Inside Out Talent Show spearheaded by arts and rehab ambassador for ZPCS Bulawayo Metropolitan province and Inside Out Talent Show director Clarence Kirah Garura.

The talent show is for prison inmates launched in 2018 at Khami Prison and the programme is  aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating prisoners into society.

“I grew up listening to Maskandi music to a point where I taught myself how to play a guitar,” Ngwenya said.

“In 2019 I heard  Insimbi zeZhwane’s album titled Impande Yeminye  and I fell in love with rhumba music to an extent of teaching myself how to play the guitar in a rhumba sound.

“Then I told myself that I will follow the late MaEli’s footsteps.

“I chose to dedicate the track to him because I was his follower, I loved how he sang and presented his lyrics.

“I believed in his works and they inspired me.

“This song actually has a message of comfort.

“Each time I sing it, it comforts me, I hope it will do so to the other Rhumba lovers.”

Garura said he got to know Ngwenya when he was visiting Khami Maximum after he requested him to play something for him on his guitar.

“He surprised me as he skilfully played it and sung a few Maskandi tracks and from there, I decided to nurture him.

“I promised him that one day l was going to record him.

 “When he was released recently from prison in the presidential amnesty, I then recorded a six-track Maskandi album titled Uthando LukaMama for him.

“The album is yet out and after the death of Ma Eli he then decided to do a tribute song for him and he recorded a track titled Udumo Luka Ma Eli.”

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