Fireworks at Call to Worship concert

Hardy said the concert is a chance for Zimbabweans to experience the love of God.

Award-winning gospel musicians Michael Mahendere and Curt Hardy have promised fireworks at the Call to Worship Global 15th anniversary musical concert to be held on September 30at the Harare Gardens.

Mahendere has won numerous awards, including the Global Music Awards Africa’s Gospel Artiste of the Year while Hardy, a Guyana-born and South American singer-songwriter has bagged the South American Music Award for Best Gospel Album.

Mahendere said the concert is a great opportunity for Zimbabweans to come together and celebrate the power of worship free of charge.

“I am scheduled to perform and participate as one of the ministers at the upcoming Call to Worship Global concert. This is a time for us to come together and lift our voices in praise to God," he said.

"It is a time for us to forget our troubles and focus on the goodness of God.”

The Call to Worship Global 15th anniversary concert, which is expected to attract more than 5 000 participants from across the country, is running under the theme “From Glory to Glory”.

The event will feature a lineup of local and international gospel artists from the region and will also feature a special session for young people called Youth Power Praise.

Hardy said the concert is a chance for Zimbabweans to experience the love of God.

“If you have ever attended a Call to Worship concert, you know that it is a day of high spiritual upliftment and excellent music. You wouldn't want to miss this year's event, and if you have never been (to one), now is your chance to be a part of this glorious occasion,” said Hardy.

“Bring your friends and family, extend the invitation to your church and pastor, and let's gather together in the name of the Lord for a wonderful time."

The Call to Worship Global 15th anniversary concert is a celebration of faith and music. It is a reminder that God is still working in the world and that there is hope for the future.

Call to Worship was established in 2008, initially serving as an annual inter-denominational gathering with the primary objective of spreading the gospel through praise and worship while bringing together Christians from all corners of the nation.

It was later rebranded to Call to Worship Global to reflect its international presence.

The event has over the years witnessed numerous churches coming together in harmony, bridging denominational divides, and fostering an atmosphere of love and worship. Call to Worship Global has also provided a platform for many musicians and groups to showcase their God-given talent, giving rise to several talented artists who have gone on to pursue successful careers in music.

In addition to hosting concerts, Call to Worship Global also engages in other activities, such as outreach programs and training workshops.

The ministry's goal is to use music to spread the gospel and to unite Christians in worship.

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