I owe my success to Winky D: Gemma

Gemma Griffiths

SONGSTRESS Gemma Griffiths says she owes her music career to local Zimdancehall chanter Winky D who is currently facing a blackout from the state owned media houses and broadcasting stations.

Following the launch of the politically charged album Eureka Eureka on New Year's eve, state broadcaster ZBC and radio station Star FM appear to have an unwritten rule of muting Winky D at their respective stations.

A myriad of social media users have questioned the sidelining of the Musatuka Bigman hit maker and last week South Africa-based Gemma spoke glowingly about Winky D.

“I owe my entire career to Zimbabwe,” Gemma posted on her Facebook page.

 “To Zimdancehall, to Zimbabwean music culture, to black music culture and to the Gaffa for believing in me.”

Griffiths gained popularity in local music circles in 2016 when she did a rendition of Winky D’s hit song Musarova Bigman incorporating both Shona and English elements.

Most people were surprised that she could sing in Shona. In 2019, Griffiths was featured on Winky D’s highly successful track MuGarden which became an instant hit.

For the collaboration, Winky D thanked Griffiths for the wonderful connection in voice, sound and visuals that they had while making the song.

After the hit collaboration, the songstress began to climb up the ladder in her music career making collaborations with artistes such as Enzol Ishall and Amara Brown. She produced her hit solo song Maita Basa Baba.

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