‘Life after Tuku has been difficult’


THE late music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi’s protégé Sarungano has described his mentor as a father figure currently lacking in Zimbabwe's music circles.

Tuku died on January 23 in 2019, leaving behind a rich musical legacy.

In commemoration of the life and works of Tuku, Sarungano released a song dubbed Mudzidzisi meaning Teacher.

"Life after Oliver has been hard for everyone. He is one person who put sanity into the music industry.

He was the go-to man when artistes were in conflict, he settles issues and advocated for peace. There are many giants left but I believe none of them commands Tuku's respect and can fit into the big shoes left by Tuku," he said.

Sarungano added that Tuku was loved and respected by different generations.

"He was a bridge between the new and old artistes; he united different generations and always listened to everyone regardless of age.

Imagine if that bridge collapses there is bound to be chaos and that’s what we are experiencing now," he said.

In a previous interview with the Standard Style, Sarungano said Tuku taught him all that he knows about music.

“First I learned the basics of performance from Tuku, and then I learned the business side of music as well as etiquette within the music career.

“I am excited, the reception of the album has been amazing and I am looking forward to doing some collaborative work both nationally and internationally as well as videos.” he said.

Sarungano joined Pakare Paye when Tuku was still alive and later joined the Black Spirits after his death.

He is currently flourishing as a solo artist under the management of Eugene Museredza who helped in the rise of Mbeu and the Mhodzi Tribe.

He recently released a self-titled album which carries tracks such as Makare Kare, Hurudza, Masango Anoera and Mbuya Ndoenda  among others.

Born Innocent Kufakunesu 28 years ago, Sarungano holds an Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe.

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