Tuku’s protégé Betera claims his talent is spiritual

Bernard Bukira Betera

AFRO-JAZZ artiste Bernard Bukira Betera says he is not perturbed by people who label him an Oliver Mtukudzi copycat, saying his talent was spiritual.

Betera, a protégé of the Pakare Paye Arts Centre has of late gained fame by singing covers of the late music legend although he has faced a lot of difficulties in trying to set himself up as a musician.

Some fans claim that singing like Tuku shows lack of creativity, but Betera thinks otherwise.

“Most people are happy and are in support of my music, especially because I sound like Dr Tuku which makes me happy,” Betera said.

“However some are not happy, which is most expected in the arts industry where you are bound to get criticism.”

Through Diamond Studios, Betera has risen in popularity as he is getting endorsements from the local showbiz scene.

He will this year release his album titled Chidenha.

“I chose the name Chidenha because it simply means someone who has power, but people have underrated him for long and now is showing what he really has,” Betera said.

“I will finally be showing that I can do more than just cover songs.

“My music is going to be a little different from Dr Tuku’s, but not the voice because this is the only voice I use and I have when singing.”

Betera, who has been labelled a Mtukudzi reincarnate, says the significance the late legend holds in his music career was very spiritual.

“When Baba was still alive, some would call me young Tuku not because I am his son by blood, but because of the talent I possess,” he said.

“Why I say my gift is more spiritual is because it all started in my dreams as I would see myself walking with the late Dr Tuku and this was before he left us.

“I would always see myself travelling with him and he would sit down and start to teach me and this all happened in my dreams as I did not know where he stayed nor had I met him face-to-face.”

Apart from blending the Katekwe beat and acoustic, Betera also dresses like the late legendary musician.

“Dressing carries on the type of music just like hip-hop and dancehall, before someone tells you which genre they are in you should be able to tell because of the dressing,” he said.


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