All is not well in the cockpit as war vets cry foul

The outburst by Zanu PF central committee member Blessed Geza over the exclusion of war veterans in positions of power by the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion, shows that all is not well in the house Scarfmore built.

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The outburst by Zanu PF central committee member Blessed Geza over the exclusion of war veterans in positions of power by the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion, shows that all is not well in the house Scarfmore built. 

In the interview with HSTV, Geza demanded that the scarfed one disband his cabinet for the sole purpose of including more war vets.

It is telling that during the rant by Geza there were no concerns about the Lacoste regime dismally failing to improve the livelihoods of the country’s citizens but instead an outcry that war veterans do not have enough snouts in the feeding trough.


It clearly shows that this angry outburst is for purely selfish reasons that have nothing to do with national interest, never mind improving the lot of the country's citizens.

Geza also interestingly pointed out the prevalence of judicial capture.

He becomes the second Zanu PF senior party member after Zanu PF motormouth Chris Mutsvangwa to talk publicly of how the judiciary has been shamefully compromised.

 I had a good chuckle at his call for judges, who feel compromised to go and report to war veterans.

Does Geza expect judges to come running to them, wigs in hand, to plead for their assistance?

 It really shows how desperate Geza and his cohorts are if they are scraping the barrel to this extent.

Geza has now realised why there was such public outrage when Ngwena butchered the constitution to strengthen his grip over the judiciary. 

When these brazen changes were made to the constitution, Geza and Co. did not speak out publicly against them.

 For them to start screaming blue murder now is as futile as winking in the dark.

Foreign Affairs minister Frederick Shava has revealed that he is in talks with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to set up investment instruments so that Zimbabweans in the diaspora send their money to such facilities with the benefits of such then sent to their loved ones.


This is the same central bank that lied to the country’s citizens that bond notes it had created were to trade at par with the greenback and could be traded at any bank.

 It is also the same institution responsible for hyperinflation through quasi fiscal activities that have caused untold suffering for Zimbos with incomes and savings having been eroded or totally wiped out.

Only recently John the Second shamelessly declared that the RBZ will not pay US$80 million to companies, which had bid for this funding on the foreign currency auction.

With such a nefarious track record, it would be insane to expect Zimbabweans in the diaspora to send their hard earned cash to the thoroughly discredited central bank. 

With diaspora remittances being a major source of forex inflows, it is clear that the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion wants to find ways to get their grubby hands to this money.

The reason there is such a huge influx of funding from the diaspora is to help loved ones in the country, who are at the receiving end of the bankrupt policies and misgovernance by the Lacoste regime.

That foreign direct investment is such a minor percentage of forex inflows is testament of the lack of confidence in the Scarfmore regime whose policies change at the turn of a coin.

It is indeed ironic that the so called second repubric wants to benefit from the money sent by Zimbabweans in the diaspora, but baulk at giving them an opportunity to vote for leaders of their choice in the country’s elections. 

For many Zimbos in the diaspora investing in the instruments being proposed by Shava will be similar to chucking money into the dustbin.

The appointment of the self-imposed Citizens Coalition for Change secretary general and buffoon Sengezo Tshabangu as leader of the opposition has reduced Parliament to a rubber stamping institution for anything dreamed up by Ngwena and Co.

To say that the appointment of the unelected Tshabangu, as leader of the opposition is a dark day for democracy is a masterpiece of the understatement. 

Tshabangu, who was used by the Scarfmore regime to purge opposition parliamentarians and councillors who had been elected by the country’s citizens, will be nothing more than a poodle that will pander to the whims of the regime in the august house. 

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda recently complained of legislators snoozing during parly proceedings.

With Tshabangu as leader of the opposition, these legislators might as well bring blankets to snore away as there will be no more meaningful debate to talk about.

The hiring of 500 specialists from Switzerland for the building of villas for regional leaders coming for the Sadc summit in August is yet another damning indictment of the misplaced priorities of the Scarfmore regime.

For the Ngwena regime to embark on such a huge financial project for a ten-day event just after making a request of billions of dollars because of the drought is nothing short of preposterous.

Surely the country has enough hotels to accommodate these foreign dignitaries without splashing scarce forex on these villas.

But then again common sense and this regime are like oil and water, they don’t mix.

Probably the outlandish expenditure by Scarfmore is his way of showing appreciation to the regional leaders for scandalously ignoring the adverse report by its own observer mission over last year’s fraudulent elections.


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