Letter to my people: Douglas Mwonzora strategy at play

Utterances by Finance permanent secretary George Guvamatanga that formal retailers have to innovate in the face of unfair competition from informal traders is an indication of the arrogance and the-head-in-the-sand mentality at Treasury.

My Dear People

THE desperation by the country’s political relics otherwise known as the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion, over the damning Sadc election observer mission report on the farcical elections, continues to plummet to new lows.

Clearly flustered and confused that the regional body, which has more or less rubber stamped previously held polls in the country, has slammed the shameful polls held in August this year, Zanu PF resorted to attacking the observer mission with a fictional narrative that would make authors of the genre such as Stephen King and James Hadley Chase green with envy.

Using the state media, the Lacoste regime has astonishingly claimed that the Sadc report, written by individuals from various countries in the region which include Angola, Botswana, Mozambique , Tanzania and South Africa, was edited by the European Union before it was made public.


As part for the course for the propaganda rag, no comment was sought from either the EU or the Sadc observer mission members to respond to the allegations from “sources” who were probably sitting in some office at the Muhumutapa Building as they waffled such fatuous drivel.

The article is not only an insult to the intelligence of readers who had the misfortune of reading such ghastly tripe, but is a damning indictment of the bankruptcy of thought that characterises the Ngwena regime.

If these impoverished strategies of calling any of its critics, puppets of western countries, are the best the country’s leadership can come up with, then God help us over the next five years.

Utterances by Finance permanent secretary George Guvamatanga that formal retailers have to innovate in the face of unfair competition from informal traders is an indication of the arrogance and the-head-in-the-sand mentality at Treasury.

Speaking at the  Zimbabwe Economic Development Conference in Victoria  Falls, the excitable finance secretary slammed a big retail giant for complaining over the unfair trading environment, even pointing out that if he was part of  the retail outlet board, he would have fired the management team.

He said formal retailers in South Africa did not complain about competition from the spaza shops (name for South Africa tuckshops).

This example from George is at best disingenuous and at worst patently dishonest.

Formal retailers in South Africa do not operate in an environment in which they are forced to use a skewed exchange rate that is manipulated by monetary and fiscal authorities as is the case in Zimbabwe.

Formal retailers in South Africa do not operate with a currency that continually loses value.

This is unlike their Zimbabwe counterparts who have to trade in a currency that has devalued by at least 18% in the aftermath of the farcical polls in August while informal traders trade exclusively in foreign currency.

Such balderdash from clowns such as Guvamatanga is the reason the country has become an economic backwater that is characteristic of banana republics.

The ugly face of  Scarfmore’s nepotism was also prevalent at the conference. 

After Ngwena gave  his speech at the conference, it was his son and deputy Finance minister David who was supposed to give the vote of thanks.

So when others would thank Ngwena addressing him as his Excellency, David would get away with simply saying “Thank you Dad for the speech” kkkkkk.

You could simply not make this stuff up.

In a move that shows how desperately the Lacoste cabal miss Dougie Mwonzora who would recall members of parliament and councilors from the opposition, left right and centre, it has come up with a strategy to use one Sengezo who as a self-proclaimed ‘ interim secretary general” of the opposition party Citizens’ Coalition for Change  wants to recall 15 members of parliament and 17 councillors.

This latest brainfade exposes the extent of political stupidity prevalent in the halls of power in a hare-brained attempt to probably get two-thirds majority in Parliament.

At a time when the economy is in sixes and sevens over and above a cholera outbreak, there is surely no time for the cabal to be involved in  such amateurish theatrics.

As I, the good doctor, always point out, the propelling of Scarfmore into power on the back of guns and tanks in 2017 and removing Gushungo , one of the best leaders the country has ever had and will have, was probably the darkest day in the country’s history and it is no exaggeration to point out  that those days should be commemorated annually with profound sorrow and deep regret.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has come up with yet another financial instrument called the ZiG, a gold-backed digital token for transactional purposes which stinks to high heavens.

This is the same bank that introduced bond notes and were told by the Bible thumping central bank governor John Mangudya that it was backed by an Afreximbank facility and could be exchanged for United States dollars at any bank on a one is to one basis.

It of course turned out to be a load of cobblers as the bond note quickly depreciated in value and could not be traded at the same value with the United States dollar at any financial institution.

I cannot get rid of the feeling that Zimbabweans are being taken on a similar ride with this so-called token that will leave them all the more poorer.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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