Letter to my people: The looting is now on steroids

The city has become an eyesore with uncollected refuse

My Dear People

Despite howls of protests from the Lacoste regime over the damning report on the sham election by the Sadc observer mission and calls for it to be rejected, the regional body’s troika on politics, defence and security cooperation met in Lusaka to discuss the report.

 It would have been remiss for Sadc not to discuss the disgraceful election that was characterised by brazen voter suppression, illegal interference in the electoral process by the shadowy state sponsored grouping Forever Associate Zimbabwe that was involved in the widespread intimidation of voters and the arrest of electoral observers.

It is no surprise that the shambolic farce disguised as an election has resulted in the European Union withdrawing its US$5 million funding for the incompetent Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

The tabling of the fraudulent election report during the Sadc meeting was a huge blow for the coup regime who have gone to ridiculous levels to legitimise the charade.

This includes trotting out one Peter Murphy, whom overzealous government spokesperson Nicky laughably lied that he is a former Australian prime minister, to validate the shameful polls as free and credible. Munopenga!!!

Surely in this age of social media it is embarrassing for the former nurse to come up with such silly fibs, which can easily be verified and exposed for the hogwash that they are.

It should  be commended for their robust response to the rantings and ravings of the Lacoste regime and  standing by  the report by its observer mission on the flawed polls.

The regional body should be commended for refusing to be bullied by the Lacoste coup gangsters into not discussing what the head of the Sadc observer mission, Nevers Mumba called the most fraudulent election in the regions’ history.

The declaration by Ngwena that the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion will cut down on travel costs by government ministers can only be described as stinking hypocrisy.

The octogenarian leader made this declaration in the first cabinet meeting, which is a mixture of corrupt, foul mouthed and incompetent individuals.

 It is ironic that the Lacoste leader talks of cutting costs when he took a delegation of nearly 100 people, including hangers on, at the  United Nations General Assembly held in the United States recently blowing away millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in the process.

It reeks of double standards that Ngwena speaks of cost cutting when he buys a luxury jet worth US$54 million after having previously hired jets for costly overseas jaunts which has severely bled the fiscus at the expense of providing the country’s essential education and health needs.

One can be forgiven for hooting with laughter when the cabal leader speaks of saving costs at a time his regime has embarked on a waste management project that will cost taxpayers, who are struggling to make ends meet, thousands of dollars daily.

Ngwena is now well known for making hollow pronouncements as his promise to entrench democracy, when he was barreled into power on the back of guns and tanks, has shown.

In fact he has instead closed down democratic space and jailed opposition leaders with senior Citizens Coalition for Change official Job Sikhala having spent more than  400 days in maximum prison without going to trial.

It is, therefore, difficult not to take Ngwena’s call to cut down costs as anything other than a load of hot air.

Still on the subject of hypocrisy, the recently elected councilors for the City of Harare, most of whom belong to the CCC, have started their tenure, not by addressing the city’s urgent needs, but by going on a jaunt in Kadoma and stuffing their pockets with hefty allowances.

This at a time when the city has become an eyesore with uncollected refuse and when most suburbs are going days without water posing a serious health risk to residents.

That the mostly CCC councilors first port of call was to pocket obscene amounts of money at a workshop when workers at the city council are not being paid on time, exposes them as being no better than the Ngwena regime they criticise.

It is an inauspicious start to the CCC councilors tenure who have shown that they are a coalition for changing the state of their pockets rather than the parlous living conditions of the residents they purport to represent.

 Even the CCC legislators from the previous parliament ignored the strident criticism it had made of Ngwena dishing out loans like confetti at a wedding  to ministers and judges and rushed to grab  the US$40 000 loans offered by the Lacoste regime.

 This was despite the protestations from the party leader Nero.

These are worrying indicators by an opposition party, which claims it will provide alternative governance to the dross the country’s citizens have been subjected to by Ngwena’s cabal.

Still on the looting by politicians, Ngwena went a step further in his determined bid to create an opaque system in the management of state enterprises by introducing a statutory instrument that promotes secrecy in their procurement systems.

It is clear that the Lacoste cabal has given itself the license to loot. The opposition must for once act to stop this madness otherwise one family will take over this country’s resources in the next five years.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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