Letter from America: Biden is sitting on a hot potato

Biden may turn out to have been the most corrupt president ever, exceeding president Richard Nixon (1969-1975) by a shipyard length.

As far as our cause (black cause) is concerned, US president Joe Biden, during his 50 years in Congress, has been a faithful brother as one can get.

However, news coming out of a Congressional committee investigating the affairs of his son Hunter, seems to indicate that our beloved Biden may have lived a double life; on one hand an affable civil rights advocate on our behalf, behind the scenes, the head of a mafia family.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who shared a weekly train ride from Washington, D.C. to Delaware confirms this picture of a most decent “human”.

 If the information now coming up before a Congressional committee on Biden is half correct, Biden may turn out to have been the most corrupt president ever, exceeding president Richard Nixon (1969-1975) by a shipyard length.

He is sitting on a hot potato. On September 13 Congress opened an impeachment inquiry against him.

The story begins sometime in March 2019. Hunter Biden, the lesser of Biden’s two sons, who has a history of drug addiction, public drunkenness that would make an Irishman hide in shame, lechery to the degree that he forgot a woman he had a baby with, but in business, a shrewd and masterful artist in selling his father’s name and influence.

Miranda Divine, an Australian news correspondent, who dreamed of being a Sherlock Holmes, began her story of Biden Criminal Family with these words, "A Laptop from Hell." In 2019, a week before Biden announced his candidacy for the US presidency, the drunken fellow left the wet laptop at a computer shop in Delaware and forgot to recover it.

The story gets juicy.

Many of the top officials in government and in the media are either Democrat appointees or friendly to the Democrats (and virulently opposed to Republicans). The captured media, therefore, went along with a denial strategy that the laptop was Hunter’s. The Washington Post wrote that “thousands (129,000) of emails purportedly from the laptop computer of Hunter Biden… could not be verified by (two) experts” who worked for the paper.

Both statements were “misleading.” In this family newspaper we avoid using harsh words like “lying”.

The Post went out of its way to prove that the laptop information contained “inconclusive information” and that the “data had been damaged.” (March 30, 2022).

The elections were drawing nigh. Any revelation of the contents of the laptop would do immense damage to Biden’s campaign. All the captured organs of state, who hated Donald Trump, drew into a defensive laager.

Chief of Central Intelligence Athony Blinken corralled 50 former agents to sign a document, which stated that any information on the Hunter laptop was probably part of the Russia misinformation campaign.

These  agents had neither read the document nor seen the laptop.

The intelligence chiefs further met with information moguls at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other information services on a weekly basis to encourage them to refrain from revealing information on the laptop. Veiled threats were added with a promise that government would remove Section 230 protection which keeps news media from being sued for false information.

The Godfather of a Mafia Family.

This is a summary of what the Laptop from Hell shows.

Between 2013 and 2018, Hunter received USD11 million from Burisma Energy (Ukraine) which was under investigation for corruption. To avoid that investigation, Burisma asked Hunter to seek the influence of his father.

On January 23, 2018, at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden Senior boasted that while visiting Ukraine, he threatened president Petro Poroshenko with withdrawal of USD1 billion in aid money if he did not dismiss the snoopy attorney general who was investigating Burisma. 

“If the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money.” Biden boasted. He gave Poroshenko six hours to do the deed.

When then US president Donald Trump tried to investigate this matter, Democrats covering for Biden, snooped on Trump’s telephone call, used the call as evidence for impeachment.

It was Trump who was impeached by Democrats for trying to investigate Biden for corruption.

The mafioso activity of Hunter go deep. The laptop shows that on July 30, 2017, Hunter used his father’s name to pressure Henry Zhao, chief of China’s Harvest Fund Management to make a payment. The message can be interpreted as a threat.

These are the suspicions words. “I am sitting here with my father, and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight.”

The message takes a dark turn. Unspecified punishments would follow if payments were not made (Zimbabwe English). “I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person here knows and my ability to hold grudges that you will regret not following my direction.”

The information is dripping like a Chinese torture of a thousand cuts. Hunter was paid US$50 000 a month between 2013 and 2018 by Burisma in the Ukraine. He had no knowledge of Russian, or of energy business or any expertise that would have qualified him for such a large sum of money.

Congressional investigations have suggested that Hunter and his family had as many as 20 shell companies and that it can take 10 years to unravel the labyrinth used to hide the paybacks.

Words on the laptop suggest that the “Big Man” took a 50% cut from foreign deals.

In  a 2017 Memo, an acquaintance suggested to Hunter that he report USD$400 000 income to the Internal Revenue.

Further, Congressional committee reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigations knew about Hunter’s shenanigans as far as 2017 or thereabouts, dragged the investigations so that the five-year statute of limitations would run out.

Anthony Blinken, who concocted the 50 agents’  denial of the laptop story is now Secretary of State.

The New York Times, remaining as captured as ever is putting on a kind face. Biden and his wife love their son Hunter and they are trying to support him through his recovery from drug addiction.

Meanwhile, it is Trump, who must go to jail for saying bad words about Biden.

Strange, life is strange.

(Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwe patriot. He writes from the US.)


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